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Just got started with breeding for perfect IVs, EV training and messin around in the friend safari. I have never played competitive pokemon before, but post-game I don't find a whole lot else to do besides catch and train pokemon I find interesting, so while I'm at it I might as well make them effective for competitive use!

I have not yet taken the time to get the items needed for my team from the Battle Maison, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here's my team, please feel free to reccomend changes to abilities, pokemon on the team and leave me any useful advice or information you may have to share with me, I'm very interested in learning.

Carracosta @Leftovers

252 SPD, 252 Atk
Jolly Nature
Ability: Sturdy

Aqua Jet
Stone Edge
Shell Smash

Rotom-Wash @Choice Scarf

252 HP, 252 SPAtk
Modest Nature
Ability: Levitate

Shadow Ball
Hydro Pump
Volt Switch

Pangoro @Choice Scarf

252 HP, 252 Atk
Adamant Nature
Ability: Mold Breaker

Parting Shot
Hammer Arm

Haxorus @Life Orb

252 Atk, 252 SPD
Adamant Nature
Ability: Mold Breaker

Swords Dance
Dual Chop
Poison Jab

Arcanine @Choice Band

252 SPD, 252 Atk
Adamant Nature
Ability: Intimidate

Extreme Speed
Wild Charge
Close Combat
Flare Blitz

Haunter (Haven't gotten to safely trade it to evolve yet :/)

252 SPAtk, 252 SPD
Timid Nature
Ability: Levitate

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Dazzling Gleam
Sludge Bomb

As I stated before, I'm totally aware that with my lack of knowledge I may have put a horrible team or combination of pokemon together, so I am totally open to making changes, breeding new pokemon to add to my team and forming a strategy.

Thanks to all that read or posted, -Nefarius

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This is pretty good for a first-timer. Good job. Also, you need a trade to evolve Hanuter? Well I could do that for you eventually. Trust me :)
You need to include held items.  Just saying.
I apologize for not posting the held items, I just got round to building up my BP to get some of the better items.  Thank you lord, I appreciate it! If you add me I'll add ya back. Any recommendations or fixes to my team comp. or item suggestions?
Hey, I added you Nefarius.

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Assuming by SPD you mean speed and not special defence, you have a good team here are my suggestions:
Carracosta: I would change the ability to solid rock, as it has 4X grass weakness and shell smash, which lowers defence. Good set.
Rotom-Wash: Scarf and no speed investment? Either put HP investment in speed or give him specs.
Pangoro: Scarf and Hammer Arm is a bad mix. I run Quick Claw on mine, and leftovers can be useful too. If you are certain on scarf, use Brick Break or Sky Uppercut. Replace Parting Shot for Bulk Up (more stable). Rock Slide is good to cover his flying weakness, and I'd replace Payback with it.
Haxorus: Good set, and well done for using dual chop>Dragon Claw. It's great with swords dance, and breaks sash/sturdy.
Arcanine: Like it. Look out for ghosts though.
Haunter: Good set, I would offer to evo it with you but I am having trouble with my DS' internet. A word of advice: Always use Dazzling Gleam if you see a Chesnaught, I've began to think it is safe to bring Chesnaught into him as everyone uses Sludge Bomb/Shadow Ball.

Awesome thank you so much for your time and suggestions , I like swapping out parting shot and payback on pangoro for sure,, solid rock is a good idea for carracosta as well. I was a little back and forth and unsure on wether to use sturdy or solid rock but after battling some I could definitely see the improved resistance to weakness as useful! I'll definitely do more held item swapping, I'm still trying to save up battle points and round up my final touches. If you get your internet to work id appreciate a trade to help me Evo. my haunter :] thanks a ton.

Any chance anyone has a Reccomendation for a swap of one of the pokemon in my party? Anything that would fit my team better or make it stronger? I'm totally up for doing some more modifications, I love the team I made and the pokemon on it but there's tons of new pokemon I'm probably not aware or still. I just picked up pokemon again with x and I've missed out on every game after ruby.