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NOTE - I only have Pokemon X so I can't get move tutor moves (i.e. Superpower for scizor)
(#'s) = EVs

Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet
Iron Barbs
Sassy Nature 252 HP 180 Sp. Def 80 Def
0 Speed IVs
- Power Whip
- Gyro Ball
- Stealth Rocks
- Leech Seed

Ferrothorn will be my lead more times than not and his main use is to get up stealth rocks. He is fortunate to have two solid STAB attacks in Gyro Ball and Power Whip however. The EV and nature were selected to make him as bulky as possible because iron barbs and rocky helmet together make it risky for physical attackers to come after him and his great defenses. With the EVs and nature he should be able to tank some special attacks as well. Leech seed will ensure that he can survive and can prove to be annoying to opposing walls.

Infernape @ Life Orb
Iron Fist
Jolly Nature 252 Atk 252 Speed
- Flare Blitz
- Close Combat
- Thunder Punch
- U-turn

My speedy physical attacker, Infernape really packs a punch with Iron fist and great STAB attacks in Flare Blitz and Close Combat. Thunder punch becomes a solid move after an iron fist and life orb boost. U-turn allows Infernape to escape battle if he must while still dealing some damage. The recoil damage from LO and Flare Blitz are of little concern because infernape isn't made to take hits anyways. If he takes any hits, especially with hazards in play, he is most likely done anyways.

Greninja @ Choice Specs/Scarf
Timid Nature 252 Sp. Atk 252 Speed
-Ice Beam
-Dark Pulse
-Grass Knot/U-turn

Greninja with Protean is one tricky pokemon to figure out. He could become almost any type throughout the match, as the opponent won't know the moveset, and so prediction can almost be thrown out the window with him. The movepool gives him solid coverage all around and allows him to switch to a variety of types. Grass in your way? Ice beam can fix that. Pesky electric type bugging you? Dark pulse allows you to drop that weakness and hit back with a powerful STAB.

Scizor @ Leftovers
Adamant 252 Atk 248 Def 8 HP
-Swords Dance
-Bullet Punch

I couldn't decide on an item here as I don't want to be choice locked into roost or swords dance, for obvious reasons. I considered Life Orb here but I'm not sure what I'd use on Infernape (I dont see Focus Sash making a ton of sense on him with the set above). Anyways, roost and leftovers should allow Scizor to set up a swords dance, if not two, and go to work with bullet punch and u-turn. I considered X-scissor here as well but I decided that U-turn would be useful to keep scizor alive and well.

Gengar @ Choice Specs/Scarf
Timid 252 Sp Atk 252 Speed
- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
-Dazzling Gleam

Another speedy special attacker that hits hard and can sweep without having to set up. Shadow Ball is a great move to get STAB on and if it is boosted by choice specs it could wreak havoc. Sludge bomb is another powerful STAB move. If I had a toxic spiker, if only ferrothorn sigh, I would use venoshock instead. Thunderbolt and Dazzling gleam are power special moves that help with coverage in general.

Tyranitar @ Tyranitarite
Jolly 252 Atk 180 Hp 80 Speed
- Dragon Dance
- Stone Edge
- Crunch
- Fire Fang

Tyranitar is already big and bad. With a mega evo he turns into something from your nightmares. The mega gives him enough bulk, especially in a sandstorm, to set up a DD or two and begin to sweep and lay waste to all that stand in his way, mostly. Stone Edge and Crunch are awesome STAB attacks and fire fang is for those pesky steel and grass types. I considered ice fang to combat dragons but if I get a dragon dance or two off I can stone edge most of them away

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Really wish I could have the move tutor moves for fire punch ttar and superpower scizor but I have to make do with what I've got. Thanks in advance.

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Alright, this team is pretty good for a beginner like you. Let's see what I can do to fix this team. Note: Bold indicates a change in a moveset.


[email protected]Leftovers
Iron Barbs
EVS-252 HP 252 Sp. Defense 4 Attack
-Thunder Wave
-Gyro Ball
-Stealth Rocks
-Leech Seed

This set is pretty standard and self-explanatory. I think that Thunder Wave will benefit you more, since the Speed and Paralyze chance would really support your team.


[email protected] Orb
Iron Fist
EVS-252 Attack 252 Sp. Attack 4 Sp. Defense
-Flare Blitz
-Mach Punch
-Thunder Punch

This Infernape is very good, although, I did make a little tweak to it-replacing Close Combat with Mach Punch. I think that Mach Punch will benefit you more, since it has Priority, STAB, and the Iron Fist boost. I don't think that Close Combat should be used on a fragile Pokemon like Infernape. The defensive drops will really hurt your Infernape. If the opponent survives a Close Combat attack, the attack used by your opponent will most likely faint you, or do massive damage on you, with the defensive drops by your side. Also, Infernape is pretty fast, but not fast enough to out speed some threats. Mach Punch has Priority, which will come in handy. If you are using this Infernape as a suicide sweeper, then Close Combat fits you.


[email protected]Expert Belt
EVS-252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 4 Sp. Defense
-Surf /Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Dark Pulse
-Grass Knot

Yeah, U-Turn isn't gonna work for yah. You already have like 3 scouting Pokemon. Anyways, this set is what I think you should use. This set will offer you a GREAT amount of coverage.


[email protected]Life Orb
EVS-252 Attack 248 Defense 8 HP
-Swords Dance
-Bullet Punch

Yeah...a Swords Dance+U-Turn combo is a bad idea... Try replacing it with Pursuit, although, I would've recommended Knock Off, but since you only have X, you can't use Knock Off. Otherwise, pretty good Pokemon.


[email protected]Black Sludge
EVS-252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 4 Sp. Defense
-Shadow Ball
-Sludge Bomb

This is a bit supportive then yours, but yours is fine. Go with Choice Specs if you insist on using your set. Otherwise, my set is offensive, but with a touch of supportive status induce.


[email protected]
EVS-252 Attack 252 HP 4 Sp. Defense
-Dragon Dance
-Fire Fang/Stone Edge

This is what I run. Similar to yours, but I use Earthquake over Stone Edge. Also, i would use Stone Edge over Fire Fang, even though it doesn't offer weakness coverage. STAB is nice to have.

Anyways, this team is very good, for a new comer like you. Any questions or comments? Leave them below. Good luck in competitive battling!

What can I do about an item for Infernape if I move life orb to Scizor?

Also, wouldn't Thunder Wave and Gyro Ball together be counter productive? Because paralysis lowers the targets speed and makes the difference in speed less and thus lowers the BP of Gyro Ball.  Is a weakened gyro ball still a better option than power whip in your opinion?

I also considered throwing an umbreon in that ran something like:
Umbreon @ Leftovers
252 HP 252 Sp. Def 4Def
Calm Nature
- Curse
- Payback
- Wish/Moonlight
- Toxic

Curse lowers speed and raises attack which means that payback should almost always go second making it a powerful STAB attack. Wish/moonlight can be used to heal Umbreon or teammates if he switches out and toxic allows him to become a pest of sorts. I was thinking it could replace the support role of the Gengar that you suggested if I didn't like it. I have my special sweeper Gengar already trained so I wanted to see if you though Umbreon would work well in a support role if I removed my special sweeper Gengar for a more supportive mon.

Also, I am new and a lot of these ideas are coming from other threads that I have read on pokemon in general. It's one thing to bring up ideas, but another to know how and when to implement them.

Thanks for the suggestions
For Infernape, you could use a Choice Band, but it isn't the best idea for this Gen IMO. I would use 2 Life Orbs IMO, but Choice. Band wouldn't hurt.

About Ferrothorn...yeah. You do have a point. Run Toxic, Protect, or Power Whip on the suggested Thunder Wave. Toxic could be used as a status induce. Protect is to scout moves, and Power Whip is for the STAB+Damage. IMO, I would run either Toxic or Protect. Your choice really.

Now for Umbreon. That set is fine. I would use Wish fora supportive move. Anyways, I too have an Umbreon set, which is a bit more supportive then yours.

[email protected]
252 HP 252 Sp. Defense 4 Defense
-Heal Bell
-Foul Play/Payback

Heal Bell requires the use of BW move tutur, so this set won't be available for you, if you are trying to get Heal Bell. Wish is team-heal, Foul Play is used for some damage, and against the high attack power mons. Although, Payback is a good choice too. Protect is for move scouting. Toxic is status induce. Anyways, Umbreon is a pretty good tank, and pretty good supportive mon, so using it to replace Gengar wouldn't hurt.

About my ideas...I really didn't know I took these Movesets from other threads. These came from my head. So I'm sorry if you didn't see something original, or unique.

Your welcome
Sorry for the confusion. I meant my ideas. I took the payback and curse idea from a thread I had seen. Poor wording on my part.

Your ideas have sounded pretty good so far! Like I said, I'm new and just looking to learn the ropes of competitive battling a little before I go online. Though I guess the best way to tell is to just go online and battle for myself and see what I like and don't like. I just want to avoid making any major mistakes at the beginning so I'm not any deeper in the hole than necessary when starting out.

Once again, thanks for the suggestions and sorry for the confusion
No problem :) now anyways, if you want to test your team, go to Pokemon Showdown. Good luck :)