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Abomasnow @Occa Berry

Ability:Snow Warning
Sassy Nature(+Sp Def, -Spd)
-Leech Seed
-Ice Shard

Beartic @Sitrus Berry

Ability:Snow Cloak
Brave Nature(+Atk, -Spd)
Role Physical Sweeper
-Bulk Up
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break

Walrein @Leftovers

Ability:Ice Body
Relaxed Nature(+Def, -Spd)
-Aqua Ring
-Hidden Power[Flying]

Vanilluxe @Sitrus Berry

Ability:Ice Body
Calm Nature(+Sp Def, -Atk)
Role:Special Sweeper
-Mirror Coat
-Water Pusle
-Flash Cannon

Cryoganal @Light Clay

Calm Nature(+Sp Def, -Atk)
Role Stall
-Light Screen
-Flash Cannon

Articuno @Focus Sash

Mild Nature(+Sp Atk, -Def)
Special Sweeper
-Aerial Ace

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Go for adamant beartric seen as no sp moves and bulldoze lowers foe speed you don't want to be slower even after it
The team is really good in my opinion, but you will have to watch out with Abomasnow he can get KO'd by fire attacks really quickly.
hes there to set up snow warning
Your team is dead with Stealth Rock. Use Rapid Spin on Cryogonol.

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occa berry or leftovers
252hp 252sdef 4spatk
i would use abomasnow as a sub seeder so
leech seed
ingrain/wood hammer/ice shard

sitrus berry or leftovers or even life orb
252atk 100hp 156speed
adamant -as i said in the comment why lower speed when you have bulldoze bulldoze lowers the opponents speed so you dont want to be slower even after bulldoze
your movest looks good
maybe you could put in double team to really annoy the opponent :D im not suggesting that though

defintly go leftovers
252hp 100def 56spatk 100spdef
if you want to stall
go toxic
aqua ring
protect lets you recover for a free turn -while they take free damdge from toxic and hail -your walrein isnt even a staller more of a tank by the looks of it :)

i would go leftovers
you could keep sweeper or you could go stall with ice body :P
you can scarf or specs it
but go blizzard
flash cannon
acid armor-double def or automize-double speed
water pulse

your movest looks good but i would defintly avoid acrobatics you have a item get no stab and have base 50 atk
you could also run recover
but defintly run rapid spin like mew said if s rock is set up every pokemon you send in will loose a 1/4hp

i dont know why you have a focus sash it a has great def and i know its week to common rock and fire but it out runs many rock
stone edge is your main problem -but its overcome
if you use snow cloak it has a low chance of hitting
if you use preasure and mioves like protect and sub they will run out of pp
i would run blizzard
tailwind for support or uturn
go with leftovers

hth :)

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