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Suggestions for the sixth slot?

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Current team is;

Charizard @ Charizardite Y
Ability: Blaze ---> Drought
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HP
Timid / Modest Nature
- Heat Wave
- Solar Beam
- Dragon Pulse
- Protect

Umbreon @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Def
Sassy Nature
- Curse
- Moonlight
- Payback
- Baton Pass

Leafeon @ Life Orb
Ability: Chlorophyll
EVs: 252 HP / 200 Spd / 56 Atk
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Synthesis
- Leaf Blade
- Substitute

Aegislash @ Leftovers
Ability: Stance Change
EVs: 252 HP / 128 Def / 128 SDef
Brave Nature
- King's Shield
- Gyro Ball
- Sacred Sword
- Swords Dance

Garchomp @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4HP
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Dragon Claw
- Fire Fang

Pokémon @ Item
Ability: ???
EVs: ???
??? Nature
- Move
- Move
- Move
- Move

What should I use in the last spot and any suggested changes to the current team are also welcomed.

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Thank you for the suggestions I will definitely try heracross. I will also put air slash on my zard too. Also will take the swords dance off of aegislash but my idea was to set up with umbreon and then bp to aegi and let gyro ball go to work with boosted atk and reduced spe
First, I'll give a couple pokemon suggestions and then a few critiques.

Noivern @focus sash ( to stay in and deliver another blow)
Ability: infiltrator (so light screen and other moves similar won't affect your attacks)
-Draco meteor (powered by noiverns type and a powerful move on dragons and in general)
-Hurricane (great on bug, fighting and grass types, powered by noiverns typing)
-Focus blast (good on normal, rock, steel, ice, and dark pokemon, and very powerful)
-Hyperbeam (just a last resort and powerhouse move, I suggets switching out after due to noiverns low defenses)
★noiverns speed, only matched by accelgor and crobat, who can be easily taken, allows this pokemon to enter the battle and deliver the first hit, all of which have attack points of 110 to 150, and if using type advantage due to wide coverage one hit kos should come easy★

Ampharos @ampharosite (make ampharos stats jump up and pack a punch)
Ability: static (paralyzing the opponent only helps)
-Thunder (powered by high sp. Atk stat and typing, good forwater and flying types)
-Dragon pulse (powered up by mega evolution type and a good general move especially dragon types)
-Focus blast (great for normal, rock, ice, and steel, and dark types and good ko move)
-Power gem (sp. Attack that's good for fire, bug, ice, and flying types)
★Ampharos high sp. Atk stat powers all of the moves, only has a ground weakness, with dragon and ice weakness on mega evolving, with wide type coverage and this moveset, like noiverns is great for special attack sweeping ★

Heracross @heracrossite
Ability: guts
-Megahorn (powered by type and good on psychic, grass, and dark types)
-Close combat (great ko move powered by typing and good on dark, normal, rock, ice, and steel types)
-Earthquake (great physical move to clear a battling field, great on rock, fire, electric, steel, and poison types)
-Stone edge (great move on flyng, fire, ice, and bug types)
★Heracross is a greta physical sweeper, out of the four ive listed, has the most type coverage, and only four weaknesses to fairy, psychic, flying, and fire attacks. Not to mention his high Atk stat reflects his physical moveset and when mega evolved is very powerful★

Seismitoad @fist plate ( fighting power up item)
Ability: poison touch
-Brick break/ Focus blast (great on rock, ice, dar, steel, and normal types and great moves ((focus blast way more powerful)))
-Earthquake (good for rock, fire, electric, steel, and poison types and can clear a battle field easy also powered by typing)
-Hydro pump ( good on fire rock and ground types and powered by typing)
-Sludge wave (great on fairy and grass, seismitoads one weaknes)
★Siemitoads high hp allows him to stay  in the battle longer than most pokemon, has one weakness to grass, and, if you use protiens and calciums early, can destroy with focus blast and earthquake, a good sweeper★

‡I suggest one of these as a six party member, I love attacks to just destroy the opponent rather than wall them and status them, just end it, and i think these pokemon would do just that for you. I would would raise them or catch them very low level so you can jack them up on vitamins to max their stats.‡

Now for suggestions:
-using noivern or seismitoad would duplicate garchomps typing, but provide new advantages and coverage, put garchomp in your pc and draft noivern and seismitoad, they'll serve you better
-if your keeping garchomp, give it a garchompite, it will boost its attacks and make it super durable, except against ice type attacks, but rather than dragon claw, teach it dragon rush and give it an accuracy boosting item if you don't want to give it a mega stone
-also, if you stay with garchomp, use heracross or ampharos, and if you don't want them to mega evolve, give them choice scarves seeing as they have four different typed moves
-give charizard focus blast or, using a move reminder with a heart scale, get the move air slash, because it would give it more move coverage and would be boosted by its typing, use your charizard as the truck that it was meant to be
-for aegislash, get rid of swords dance, and keep it in sword form, this makes his speed very low making gyro ball way more powerful, and in place of swords dance, give a ghost move like shadow ball, keep kings shield to raise his very low defenses when in sword forme
-rather than payback on umbreon, teach it dark pulse, or even better, usung pkokebank, transfer it to black, white, white2, or black 2 and using a move tutor, teach it foul play, its a great move, and instead of baton pass, give it iron tail, again from a generation five move tutor using pokebank. Think about it curse raises your attack, and defense, umbreon has already high defense and special defense, paired with moon light to  raise your hp when low, iron tail as a sweeper move, and foul play is boosted by both umbreons type and curse, if used before hand, because its a physical attack
-now for leafeon, I'm no grass type extraordinaire, I don't like how they have five weaknesses right from the start, but I see your using yours as a wall, so I'll give you a leafeon suggestion, or if your willing, a grass type replacement. Here goes, rather than swords dance, give leafeon iron tail from the same method as for umbreon, or much easier, the attack dig because leafeon has a very high attack status so use it, and dig being ground type has a wide type coverage
-synthesis is good because it recovers hp, but because its affected by the weather give leafeon a sitrus berry in case it gets sketchy
-im not a big fan of su stitue because, as far as I know, you use hp to make the green thing, and can't attack during that time, but dig allows you to avoid an attack and dealing one the next turn, I would teach it roar, so if the foe seems to mrncing, send it away and mabye set up for another pokemon in your party

-now for my replacement for leafeon, don't be offended, leafeons great,but when i battle, I love to go all attack, my entire party of pokemon has nothing but physical and special attacks, and this recomendation reflects that, now I'll show the same replacement with an attack moveset and wall moveset

Attack moveset:
Ferrothorn @assault vest (powers up attack only moves, which they all are, it might be just for physical moves, but they all are as well)
Ability: iron barbs
-Power whip (typing boost and 120 power, is good on water, rock, and ground types)
-Bulldoze (ground has coverage on steel, fire, electric, poison, and rock types)
-Gyro ball (boosted by typing and ferrothorns very low speed, its good on rock and ice pokemon)
-Aerial ace (good for fighting, bug, and grass pokemon)

Wall moveset:
Ferrothorn @bright powder (decreases foes accuracy, so you can keeping walling)
Ability: iron barbs
-Power whip ( ditto from above, but is a powerful move)
-Toxic (poisons the target and gets their hp down, little by little)
-Explosion (if all else looks grim, pull the pin on your ferrothorn grenade, no one will survive)
-Substitute/ Sandstorm (substitue would allow you to take cover while toxic takes in a bit, or as I suggest, if your targets isn't rock, groud, or steel type, you can sandstorm and toxic them doing double damage per turn, while power whipping of course)
★Ferrothorn either with the wall or attack moveset is a great choice, and unlike leafeon, has only two weaknesses, fire and fighting, and due to high defenses, both physical and special, can take a beating while dishing one out, I'm not a grass type kind of guy, but I would still use ferrothorn in a heartbeat★

Hope this helped, have fun battling!

Source: Pokémon Database
Sylveon because you always need a fairy type in ur team. Sylveon has lots of cool moves to, and its a eeveelution.

[email protected] Plate
Ability: Cute Charm
-Draining Kiss
-Moon Blast
-Dazzling Gleam

This is what u should try to get. Its really OP if u have all of this. So good luck!

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