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i love eevee & all the pokemon it can evolve into so i made a team for hg/ss that is made of all of the eeveelutions that eevee trainers have. If anyone could get me animated sprites for them, i would greatly appreciate it because i have no idea how to do that.

Espeon (F) @ wise glasses
EVs- 4 hp/252 sp attack/252 speed
Nature- Modest
Ability- synchronize
- Shadow ball
- Psychic
- morning sun
- signal beam

Umbreon (M) @ leftovers
EVs- 252 hp/124 defense/128 sp defense
Nature- Calm
Ability- synchronize
- Curse
- Toxic
- Protect
- Dark pulse

Vaporeon (F) @ Mystic water
EVs- 152 hp/252 sp attack/104 speed
Nature- Modest
Ability- water absorb
- Surf
- Ice beam
- Shadow ball
- Toxic

Jolteon (M) @ Magnet
EVs- 4 hp/252 sp attack/252 speed
Nature- Naive
Ability- Volt absorb
- Magnet raise
- thunder
- Rain dance
- Shadow ball?

Flareon (M) @ Charcoal
EVs- 4 hp/252 attack/252 speed
Nature- Lonely
Ability- Flash fire
- Super power
- Iron tail
- Flame thrower
- Giga impact

I really need suggestions for extra moves instead of shadow ball for the last three other than that, please add any suggestions you can think of, they will be very appreciated.

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You need 6 Pokemon. There are 8 Eeveelutions, you need one more.
i wouldnt use flareon if youre gonna use rain dance with jolteon, since it'll 1/2 flareons STAB.
There are 7 Eeveelutions, there are only 8 if you count Eevee itself which is technically not an Eeveelution.

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Espeon: You should use LIfe orb boost sp atk by 30% when wise glasses only boost sp atk
by 10%.

Nature: I would use Timid.

Evs: Perfect!

Moveset: You should add Hidden power fighting instead of moring sun.


Nature: Good

Item: good!

Moveset: Payback instead of Dark pulse beacuse its pretty bad to raise atk
then use special attacks the rest is good but maybe Moonlight
instead of Protect.

Evs: good


Nature: Bold

Item: Leftovers

Evs: 252 hp, 128 def, 124 Sp atk.

Moveset: Wish instead of Shadow ball
and you can choose toxic or protect


Nature: Timid

Item: Life orb

Evs: Perfect!

Moveset: Thunderbolt instead of Thunder.
Signal beam instead of rain dance.
Hidden power ice instead of magnet rise.


Nature: Hasty

Item: life orb/Leftovers

Evs: 4 Sp atk instead of 4 hp

Moveset: Overheat instead of flamethrower beacuse flareon can't do much of
any damage with flamethrower.
quick attack instead of Giga impact.

And for the last eeveelution i would choose


Nature: Adamant

Item: Life orb

Evs: 252 atk, 252 hp, 4 spe


Leaf Blade
Swords dance

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