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@life orb
252atk 252speed 4hp
(rock polish) (thunder fang) (ice punch) (stone edge)
Role: tank

@muscle band
252atk 252speed 4hp
(psycho cut) (stone edge) (night slash) (drain punch)
Role: sweeper

252spatk 252speed 4hp
(uturn) (electro ball) (air slash) (agility)

Please leave suggestions not a comment for an answer like it looks ok just change this move - I am sticking to my tyranitar movest but I would like suggestions for gallade
And especially emolga - team changes instead of emolga are fine as long as its gen V

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Hmm, super singles?

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well, for tyranitar. it learns thunderpunch, so unless you're just really attached to thunder fang, that would be a good replacement there. even with adamant, you're gonna want dragon dance. while tyranitar has a pretty good attack stat, that boost is still nice. especially considering you aren't going to find many pokemon in super singles that have a full 252 speed evs in them.

this isn't competitive, so items are whatever you want. meaning i would highly suggest a scope lens for his item, for a high crit rate with night slash and psycho cut. leaf blade is also a fair replacement for stone edge if you want to cover up more types ( already have rock coverage on t-tar )

you worded things a bit weird, so i can't tell if you were saying you really wanted suggestions for emolga, or what was going on there. but anyway....
i would replace it. you aren't sticking to any tiers ( once again, super single! ) so you're pretty open to use whatever, ( except banned pokemon ). this being the case, the flying / electric type rotom would do a much better job then emolga to mix with your team.


i would give it --- thunder wave, air slash, thunderbolt, and hex / shadow ball

you don't have any conflicting status in your team, so thunder wave cripples things ( gallade is still a bit slow for a sweeper, and t-tar ( if you take my suggestions ) will have slightly less speed with d-dance ) so he'll do great with that. air slash makes for annoying flinch hax ( king's rock or wise glasses / life orb for item ) with thunder wave. thunderbolt is STAB ( can possibly be replaced with electro ball due to thunder wave being there ) and hex / shadow ball is coverage. hex gets the thunder wave boost, but shadow ball is for if you run into a place where you haven't inflicted status and don't want to.

those are my suggestions! hope you do good with your team.

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maybe go for Scizor  instead of emolga?

Scizor @ Metronome/Focus Sash
evs 252 atk/4 hp/252 spd

Fury Cutter/U-turn
Bullet Punch
Night Slash
Swords Dance
it takes a bit of time to set up, but if you swords dance on the first turn then use fury cutter with the metronome, it racks up to a OHKO pretty quick.
Thanks for the suggestion but I already got a good answer :)
no problem :)