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Serperior (Viper)
Item: Sharp beak
Ability: Overgrow

Move set:

Leech seed
Leaf blade
Areal Ace

Crustle (Rock bug)
Item: Silver Powder
Ability: Shell Armor

Move set:
Stealth Rock
Solar beam
Rock slide / Stone edge

Darmanitan (Blazer)
Item: Black belt
Ability: Sheer force

Move set:
Fire punch
Flame charge
Earth quake
Brick break

Swanna (Aqua Wing)
Item: Rocky helmet
Ability: Big pecks

Move set:
Ice beam
Air slash

Scrafty (Pants)
Item: Leftovers

Move set:
Hi Jump Kick
Brick break
Hyper beam

Goluruk (Guardian)
Item: Spell tag
Ability: Iron fist

Move set:
Shadow ball
Brick break

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go for 4hp 252atk 252speed
go for leftovers to make it a great wall
not much else to say

go for 252hp 252def 4sdef
dont use solar beem its a two turn atk and crustle has terrible spatk so go for a move like spikes or curse
seen as crustle can set up entry hazards make it your leed rest looks good
also leftovers would also be a good item

4hp 252atk 252speed
maybe only keep one fire move flame charge would be good but fire punch has more power
also you could use flare blitz more powerfull
you could also use swords dance

looks good but change item and maybe forget surf scald is better
100hp 252spatk 156speed

go 252atk 4def 252speed
also dont use hyper beem scrafty has terrible spatk and it is a recharge move
use dragon dance it raises speed and atk
or you could go swords dance that doubles atk

once again it has terrible spatk so dont use shadow ball
use punching moves they get a boost
go 252atk 4def 252speed
you can use shadow punch - power 60 acc 100 great for golurk plus stab power 90 then add iron fist bonus 108power
you can also use mega punch power 80 acc85 with iron fist bonus =96
also dynamic punch power100 acc 50 with bonus =120
iron fist adds on 20% atk bonus on the base power

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