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Rain team help?

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Any expert wants to install sprites, go ahead, I'm too lazy.

Hypnotoad (Politoed) @ Shell Bell
Trait: Drizzle
EVs: 170 each in Def, SAtk, and SDef.
Modest nature
Ice Beam
HP Electric

Mirror B (Ludicolo) @ Leftovers
Trait: Rain Dish
EVs: 170 each in SAtk, SDef. 85 each in Def and Spd.
Timid nature
Giga Drain
Leech Seed

Manaphy @ Mystic Water
Trait: Hydration
EVs: 100 in Def, SDef, Spd, and HP. 110 SAtk.
Modest nature
Acid Armor
Tail Glow

Lanturn @ Choice Specs
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 170 each in SAtk and SDef, 85 each in HP and Spd.
Timid nature
Ice Beam
HP Fire

Kabutops @ Choice Band
Trait: Swift Swim
EVs: 170 Def, 255 Atk, 85 Spd
Jolly nature
Stone Edge
Brick Break

Feral (Gatr) @ Life Orb
Trait: Sheer Force
EVs: 170 each in Spd, Atk, and Def
Adamant nature
Dragon Dance
Ice Punch

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I see one thing. You are wasting EVs. You waste 2 EVs if you use 170.
Well, what do I use? I'm out of ideas.

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Just because this is a rain team doesnt mean it has to be mono water :P

I would defintly switch item shell bell recovers 1/8 damage done and politoad isnt likely to ko anything in one shot so leftovers is more reliable
also its evs i would put some in hp
moves you can use hypnosis while the foe is asleep you can use perish song they will switch and then you can use toxic i would use ice beem for coverage if you toxic and psong

I make mine a wall
252hp 100def 156sdef
@leftovers Rain dish
Leech seed
giga drain
Surf/toxic -I usually use toxic
Protect/rain dance/drain punch - usually use protect for three heel
So that set is mine and it gives you 3recovers a turn 4if used giga drain or drain punch

Looks good maybe add rapid spin

It can learn thunder
I would replace surf with scald I would also use hp fire maybe

Why have choice scarf and speed evs you have swift swim doubling speed choice band would be better
Or you can use life orb with swords dance set
Swords dance
Stone edge
252hp 100atk 156def

You can choice band it
Or like you have life orb is good with d dance
You could also go with aqua jet
I also suggest you go 252atk 4def 252speed

So you didn't ask for replacements but
Jolteon has great speed and decent spatk
As I said earlier just because it's a rain term doesn't mean they need to all be water
You can go @c specs
252spatk 4? 252speed timid or modest
Thunder - that's your main move
U turn maybe

:) to anyone thats seen this and thought thhere the same moves ect that pokemons not there its because he edited and used some of my sets :)

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But that means 3 Lefties.....a little much, yes?
I'm not finished yet and yes it does :/ still editing
But usually rain teams are mono water for the STAB and rain powered moves
Can I get suggestions on Manaphy? I edited and took the Blastoise out of my team, Any suggestions for it? Anyone feel free to answer if Blob doesn't edit this in.
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Unless your a Gym Leader; never use mono-typing. You'll die.

Poli is great but if your placing EVs in Def. and SDef., don't bother with SAtk, just spread on HP. Plus 4 doesnt go into 170, so you're waisting perfectly good EVs switch your defenses to 168 each and place the rest on HP. Shell Bell won't help... unless you've got that extreme Politoed on your hand. Lefties is the way to go. Switch Modest to Bold. Hypnosis to Toxic. H.P. Elec. to Scald.

Ludicolo looks like roadkill. Split the EVs the exact same way as Poli. Timid to Bold. Scald over Toxic/Surf. Protect over Drain Punch and Rain Dance.

Your last Water Pokemon will be Gorebyss, a wonderful Shell Smasher. With Swift Swim banned your forced to use RestHydrate. Ice Beam and Scald are the best, IMO, for his attacks. 252 Atk and Spd, 4 HP. Modest. Focus Sash.

Now for the Others...

Dragonite: He will be the one to just completley abuse the rain. You have 2 options: Choice Specs/ Hurricane/ Surf/Thunder/? (Come up with a new attack with a different type). Or Lefties/ Surf/ Hurricane/ Thunder/ Roost. No matter what, you'll be using Multiscale and your spread will be 204 HP, 96 Def, 152 SAtk, and 56 SDef. Modest nature is the best nature for him.

This Magnezone is very original. Use Metal Sound to destroy their defense. If they switch, we've got a plan for that. Thunder refuses to miss in rain and HP Water gets a power boost. Lastly use some protection with either Protect or Substitute. Give him an Air Ballon to avoid his terrible weakness with ease. HIs EVs are elaborate: 80 HP, 136 on his Defenses, 156 on SAtk. Quiet Nature. An Analytic Power-Boost is great.

Jirachi will be your lead. This will be a rare set so not many can check it. Doom desire. Iron Head. Thunder Wave. Wish. 252 HP, Split the defenses. Kings Rock. Sassy.

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Well, you need POli to be the lead, as all weather teams are. BTW, weather team are usually Mono type for the boosts
Doom Desire? *Cough unnecessary damage+Protect cough*
Doom Desire is a great move, it is affected by STAB boosting it up to 210 base power and isnt affected by weaknesses and doesnt fail.