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I already have a team but I'm adding some new pokemon to it, can you judge how well their movesets and items will work? I'm open to suggestions, especially about sableye, but I'm leaning towards more special tanks rather than physical.

Single battle Ubers

Sableye (Leftovers)
EVs: 252 HP 100 Def 156 Sp Def (Sableye's base defense is higher than its special defense)
Ability: Prankster
Impish Nature -Sp atk +Def
Magic Coat/Knock off
Confuse ray
Magic coat can reflect taunt, allowing it to not have any attacking moves if preferable I don't have recover because it's too difficult for me to breed for it.

Tyranitar (Assault Vest)
EVs: 252 Atk 100 Def 156 Sp Def
Ability: Sand Stream
Impish Nature -Sp Atk +Def
Earthquake (It's earthquake)
Pursuit (Punish switches, STAB)
Stone Edge (STAB Stone edge...of course)
Iron Head (Fairy types)

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What format?
Oh, forgot to add, this is for both battle spot singles and 6v6s on XY/ORAS.

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