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Hi there,

-IN SHORT: I need some help with forming the ultimate gen 3 pokemon team

-PURPOSE: I am in a bet with some friends: next month (at the start of our next year of univ) we're gonna do a pokémon battle, 3rd generation.
The winner gets eternal glory, free beer and can name him/herself the true 'pokémon master'.

Ofcourse I'd like the best team for this, so I'll need your help.

Know that we are playing oldschool, with this i mean gameboy advance with no ability to trade between other generations (we can however trade within the same gen so ex. a machoke or kingdra are still available).
Also i wasted my earthquake, so i don't have the tm anymore for any moveset (i know, stupid).
Toxic is also wasted on my shuckle.
The battle is already next month so I don't have enough time to evolve pokémon with a very slow growth rate.
One of my friends has an Alakazam and Aggron, and i don't want the same pokémons.
No legendaries
*I'm playing with emerald

I've done some research but I just can't decide wich pokémons are best to have.

These are in my 'certainly yes' team:
Blaziken: Fight/fire -- starter pokemon and just a beast
Kingdra: Dragon/water -- i love it's resistances to almost all types
* Metagross: Steel/psy -- great stats and moveset

These are in my 'maybe yes' team:
Milotic: Water -- i know, kingdra is already a water type, but still milotic has some pretty great stats imo
Gardevoir: Psychic -- here again, metagross is already psy but he is mainly atk. trained so he doesn't do much dmg with his psychic moves
Vileplume: Grass/poison -- the combination of sunny day+ solarbeam is real strong if he can survive it, the downside is that grass types are overall pretty weak since they have a lot of weaknesses
Slaking: Normal -- he has great stats but imo kind of a dull pokémon to play with
Salamence: Dragon/fly -- has great stats again but whenever i play him he always dissapoints me damage-wise (i feel like the dragon type is a good defensive type but kinda fails attack-wise and 'flying' doesn't do it for me either)
Magneton: Electric/steel -- has a lot of resistances and great sp.atk although the only sp.atks he can do are of the electric type, so i'm having difficulties with selecting a movepool

I'm open to any suggestions, but please keep the 'notes' from above in mind.


Singles or doubles? You need to include information on items, abilities, EVs, natures, and moves.
I'm so sorry, I'm only a beginner in that kind of stuff. I hope I'll do it right now.
Please know though that it's only a battle between friends, nevertheless i really want to win it. But as for more complex game mechanics such as EV training, i don't think they will do that.

-It's a single battle
- I haven't found out about EV training until later in the game when my 3 top pokemon (blaziken, seadra- will be evolved to kingdra, metagross) were already lvl 90-80, so I didn't look out for it at all. I know it's not ideal and I'm very sorry if this bothers more experienced trainers. As for the pokémons in the suggestions, those aren't that high of a lvl so i can easily restart with those to train them properly.

abilitiy: blaze
nature: quirky
item: charcoal
Blaze kick
Double kick

*Seadra/Kindra (soon to be a kingdra before we will start the battle, we're trading for evolutions)
ability: currently poison point, but will change into swift swim
nature: brave (not the best, but i got it from trading the bagon cause i wanted the exp. boost)
item: mystic water
Ice beam
Hydro pump
Hyper beam
--> I'll change one of those to rain dance to be compatible with swift swim?

ability: clear body
nature: docile
item: leftovers
Meteor mash
hyper beam

I know these have bad natures but i couldn't really select that since they all aren't obtained via capturing


For the other pokemon i don't know wich one to pick so i haven't built them properly yet. To spare time I wanted to wait for a response from you guys to start with a great team and then train onwards from there.

Vileplume: is built out though but not EV trained
nature: modest
ability: chlorophyll
item: idk what to pick
Sunny day
Solar beam
Sludge bomb
petal dance


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Here is my oppinion:

Blaziken @ charcoal
Sky uppercut(coverage,no flying.)
Fire punch(stab,good damage,might burn.)
Aerial ace(coverage,never miss.)
Bulk up(+def,+atk.)

Simple Phys sweeper.

[email protected] orb
Ability-swift swim
Rain dance(swift swim,powers up surf)
Surf(rain dance+stab=epic)
Ice beam(coverage,stops only weakness)

Simple rain dance sweeper.

[email protected]
Ability-clear body
Iron defence/toxic(+2 def)(badly poison)
Light screen(halves spec. damage)
Shadow ball(coverag,phys in gen 3)
Brick break(screen breaking)

Staller,wall breaker.

[email protected] spoon
EVs-252 spA,252 spE,4 def.
Ice punch(spec gen3,coverage)
Fire punch(spec gen3,coverage)
Thunder punch(spec gen3,coverage)

The best pokemon ever!!!!!!!

[email protected] root
EVs-252 spA,252 spe,4 hp.
Giga drain(coverage,boosted by big root)
Dragon claw(spec gen3,coverage,stab)
Bite(spec gen3,coverage)

3rd best pokemon ever!!!

[email protected] water
Ability-wonder scale
EVs-252 spD,252 hp,4 spA.
Water vale
Toxic/ice beam

Simple staller.

I hope you win!.

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