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Charizard @ Charizardite Y
Ability: Blaze/Drought
Modest Nature
- Dragon Pulse
- Solarbeam
- Heat Wave
- Air Slash

Raichu @ Muscle Band
Ability: Lightningrod
Adamant Nature
- Volt Tackle
- Reversal
- Iron Tail
- Knock Off

Furret @ Leftovers
Ability: Frisk
Jolly Nature
- Me First (unsure about this one, would only use it against Dragon types really)
- Double-Edge
- Follow Me
- U-Turn

Lanturn @ Air Balloon (would Wise Glasses be better?)
Ability: Volt Absorb
Modest Nature
- Scald
- Soak
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam

Smeargle @ Focus Sash
Ability: Own Tempo
Jolly Nature
- Toxic Spikes
- Stealth Rock
- Destiny Bond
- Extreme Speed
Potentially free move if they are expecting I'm gonna Spore them. The goal is to lay at least one entry hazard and then take them out with me with Destiny Bond. Essentially it's a suicide bomber entry hazard Smeargle.

Serperior @ Big Root
Ability: Contrary
Modest Nature
- Giga Drain
- Leaf Storm
- Wring Out
- Dragon Pulse

This is solely a Wi-Fi team (all types). Also I don't care about IVs and EVs, never have, never will. Too much trouble to get right in my opinion. Kudos to those that have that much patience though.
- Who should I send out with Smeargle in doubles?
- Are these items the best ones to use or are there better options?
- Any moves I should switch out?

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We need information on EVs.
Terrible for Doubles, average for Singles. A lot of your choices are unconventional and underpowered such as Ferret, Lanturn and Raichu. But for Wi-Fi Battles, this team should perform decently well until you get better knowledge of what really works well. But how do you stop Mega-Rayquaza? Not that he is uncommon in WiFi Battles.
Also, we give very different advice for singles and doubles. If you want to used this team in both, ask two separate questions. Besides, how hard can EV training be?

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