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Decidueye @ Decidium Z

Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 220 Attack, 252 Speed, 36 HP

-Leaf Blade
-Sucker Punch
-Spirit Shackle

Toucannon @ Life Orb

Ability: Skill Link
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense

-Beak Blast
-Bullet Seed
-Rock Blast

Mudsdale @ Assault Vest

Ability: Stamina
Nature: Impish
EVs: 252 Attack, 200 Defense, 56 Speed

-Rock Slide
-Heavy Slam

Araquanid @ Figy Berry

Ability: Water Bubble
Nature: Jolly

-Leech Life

Silvally-Steel @ Steel Memory

Ability: RKS System
Nature: Adamant

-Dragon Claw
-Swords Dance

EDIT: Gave Toucannon a Life Orb, Mudsdale an Assault Vest and changed Silvally's Flame Charge and Iron Head to Swords Dance and X-Scissor.

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Your team looks good overall, but there are some things you can improve on.

Most of your problems are items. First off, a sitrus berry would be far better than a figy berry on your araquanid so that it doesn't confuse itself. Then, instead of the sharp beak on touccanon, I'd give him a life orb so that he hits harder. I'd also replace Mudsdales soft sand with an assault vest to boost his SpDef. as for silvally, if you already have steel type multi attack, you don't need iron head. you may want to replace it with x-scissor.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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Figy Berry only confuses if the Pokemon has a Nature that lowers Attack, according to Pokemon Showdown! at least, and since that restores 50% instead of 25%, I think it's better.
But Figy Berry only activates when the holder is at 1/4 HP (unless the holder's ability is gluttony), rather than 1/2 like Sitrus.