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Basically I need help with the 2 final pokemon, some items and some moves on my team witch consists of (if you want you can also suggest ghost or dark types).

Swampert @ ?
Trait: Torrent
Naughty Nature
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Def/4 h
Stone Edge

I know I said mono psychic but I really like Swampert plus it's my starter and has a good movepool so whats to lose?

Meowstic F @ Twisted Spoon
Trait: Inflitrator
Modest Nature
EVs- 252 Spa/252 Spe/4 HP
Fake Out
Shadow Ball

I don't have a good reason besides its a psychic type.

Espeon @ ?
Trait: Synchronise
Timid Nature
EVs: 252/252 Spe/4 Spd
Shadow Ball
Morning Sun
Calm Mind

Fast and high special attack.

Gardevior @ Gardeviorite
Trait: Synchronise
Naive Nature
EVs: 252 Spa/252 Spe/4 HP
Energy Ball
Calm Mind

I would like to note I did try Gallade but it didn't work.


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This is for Wifi Singles I assume? I know you said you needed help but you should still have all your items and moves for your existing Pokemon picked out before hand. Asking for advice on a last member is fine but the team should otherwise be finished. If you complete the team I'll help rate it and fix some bad things about it.
Why do you have natures like naughty and naive that decrease useful stats, when you could instead use things like adamant and timid that decrease unused stats? Why did you choose stone edge and energy ball as coverage moves?
this is my first competitive team
Don't use mono psychic if you aren't actually playing monotype, thats puts you at a huge disadvantage against an actual varied team
So you're saying you picked natures and coverage moves randomly? My last comment should have been pretty clear about how you can pick better natures. As for coverage moves, find moves that are reasonably powerful and match your Pokemon's category preference (physical attacks for physical Pokemon, special attacks for special Pokemon). After listing some of those moves, use the move(s) that are strong against the most types that resist your other moves. If you get a tie, you should probably just use the move with more base power.
In case you don't know already, using a monotype team will cause your Pokemon to share a lot of weaknesses. That being said, good monotype teams have Pokemon that cover the team's shared weaknesses as much as possible. Pokemon with one type will serve to worsen those weaknesses. Good types for a psychic team are fighting (not weak to dark and bug, hits dark and steel strongly), dark (not weak to ghost and dark, hits psychic and ghost strongly), and fire (not weak to bug, hits bug and steel strongly). After you have those three types, try to get as much type variety and coverage as you can fit on one team.

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