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I'm working on my competitive Sun and Moon team, but I just can't decide whether I should use, Mega Lucario, or Mega Banette. I know the Banetite isn't available in the game yet, but it most likely will be eventually. I have two different ideas. Idea A:
Lucario with Lucarionite: Jolly nature
252 spe/252 attk/4 hp
Inner Focus-Adaptability
Close Combat
Bullet Punch/Iron Tail/other coverage move
Swords Dance/other coverage move
Ice Punch/Shadow Claw/Stone Edge/Extreme Speed/other coverage move

And Banette with a Focus Sash: Adamant
252 attk/128 def/128 spe def
Frisk (or Cursed Body?)
Shadow Sneak/Phantom Force/Destiny Bond
Knock Off
Thunder Wave/Will o wisp

OR idea B: Banette with Banetite: Adamant
Frisk 252 attk/128 def/ 128 spe def
Substitute/Thunder Wave/Will o wisp/Destiny Bond
Disable/other status move previously mentioned
Shadow Sneak/Phantom Force/Knock Off

And Lucario with a Focus Sash: Adamant
Inner Focus 252 attk/252 spe/4 hp
Close Combat
Bullet Punch
Extreme Speed
Swords Dance

The rest of my team includes:
Aerdactly with Life Orb: Jolly
Pressure 252 spe/252 attk/4 hp
Stone Edge, Ariel Ace, Earthquake, Iron Head

Ninetails with Z crystal (not sure which) Timid
Drought 252 spe def/252 spe/4 sp attk
Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Extransensory, Nasty Plot

Milotic with Flame Orb: Modest
Marvel Scale 128 sp attk/128 sp def/248 hp/4 def
Scald, Ice Beam, Recovery, Toxic/Protect

Florges with Leftovers: Bold
Flower Veil 200 def/200 hp/6 spe def
Moonblast, Calm Mind, Wish, Aromatherapy

I just need help deciding which Mega would better suited my team. Any improvement suggestions for the rest of my team would be nice. Thanks in advance! This would be my single, and doubles battling team. The format for now will be battle spot.

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Please tell us the team's abilities, EVs, and format.
Okay, I updated my question.
Don't use Banette. It's completely outclassed by Sableye. This is the best Sableye moveset I could come up with in two minutes.
Sableye @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Recover
- Knock Off
- Taunt
- Will-O-Wisp
By the way, why does your Florges not have max EVs?
Oops, I think I forgot to add the other 100 evs into special defense, and the extras are in Special attack. Sableye sounds real cool, I'll definitely consider him. I just always loved Banette though! That little cutie.
If you like Banette, you can try using mega Banette in a low tier on Showdown!. I think the lowest Showdown! tier in which mega Banette will be NU.
mega banette is outclassed by regular Gengar.
The Only Mega that is worse is Absol  because banette is a setup Pokemon so it's better stats don't really matter because a traditional Banette has one attacking move so you are  going to have to be very creative to find a physical moveset I think it is more trouble then it's worth when you can just destroy with mega Lucario.

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I would pick Mega Lucario. His attack is lower than Banette's, but all his other base stats are higher, except for special defense. I also like his ability, especially since he is dual type. I would suggest replacing close combat with brick break or drain punch (maybe cross chop if you want to take the risk). If you do use Banette I would recommend replacing one of the status moves with a physical move to take advantage of its high attack.

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I actually am leaning towards Lucario, actually. I still don't know what coverage moves he could have, but I think Swords Dance would help make him pretty powerful.