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Right now, I have two teams going, one that I plan for competitive, that could probably use LOTS of improvement. The other one is for main story line and a just in case team. The story line team was Araquanid, Salazzle, Decidueye, Alolan Raichu, Bewear and Celesteela. But that isn't what I was wondering about. I have a basic team of Pokemon for a competitive, but I am terrible with items and would like some advice. Move changes are also welcome.

Ability: Mold Breaker
Nature: Sassy
Moves: Brick Break, Thrash, Superpower, Guillotine

Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Calm
Moves: Ice Bean, Brine, Echoed Voice (99% sure this should be replaced), Hydro Pump

Shiny Vikavolt
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Flash Cannon, Bug Buzz, Dig, Zap Cannon

Ability: Stamina
Nature: Brave
Moves: Heavy Slam, Counter, Earthquake, Mega Kick

Ability: Shields Down
Nature: Bashful
Moves: Psychic, Power Gem, Dazzling Gleam, Stealth Rock

Ability: Soul-Heart
Nature: Modest
Moves: Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Helping Hand

I am open to all changes. For the most part, Minior and Vikavolt are who my favorites are, and I don't want to get rid of them. Most of the others, I am willing to change, if it will improve the team.

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Please tell us the items, EVs, and format.
Jolly Vikavolt???????????

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Pinsir @ life orb
evs-252 atk,158 spe,158 def.
brick break
swords dance
rock slide

pinsir makes a good bulky sweeper.

Lapras @ leftovers
Evs-252 hp,252 spD,6 def.
rain dance(for the resdration combo)
rest(for the resdration combo)
toxic(because its toxic and lapras is a staller)
ancient power(only thing i could find to maybe raise defences)

a staller. nothing more to say

vikavolt @ life orb
Nature-jolly(for the record this is the worst nature for vikavolt ever)
evs-252 def,252 hp,6 spD
light screen
iron defence(if possible if not use charge)
T wave
wild charge(this sucks on vikavolt to but its the best i could find)

A staller vikavolt sucks but...
and if you just like vikavolt and don't need to use the shiny one then use this:

Vikavolt @ life orb
Evs-252 spA,252 hp,6 n/a
rain dance(for thunder and lapras)
bug buzz(stab spD drop hopefully)
volt switch(swap + damage)

Mudsdale @ leftovers
nature- brave
Evs-252 spD,252 atk,6 def
E quake(its STAB)
heavy slam(mudsdale is heavy)
rock slide(its rock slide)
iron defence(use this first turn)

mudsdale's defence is good enough that even though i did not put any investment in defence it can take a hit without it and get the stamina boost

minior @ weakness policy
trait-shields down
Evs-252 def,252 spD,6 atk
shell smash
stone edge

this build is highly situational but in the right situation it works a dream just make that when you send it out
make sure whatever you send it out against is faster because then shell smash will work against you

i don't know magearna well enough to suggest anything for it.
I designed this for singles so if this was supposed to doubles then ignore this

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Why is Pinsir not holding a pinsirite? Why are you relying on ancient power to raise stats? (keep in mind it only gets 8 PP) Why are you wasting EVs by not having them in multiples of 4? Why does Minior know explosion? (keep in mind it isn't much more powerful than acrobatics) Why does Minior's best STAB depend on getting hit by a super effective attack with lowered defenses? Why does Minior have such little physical attack investment?
there is no Taporico(if you meant Vikavolt than its electric/bug so it gets STAB), i did not see that pinsirite was available.
Minior has very little atk EVs because with weakness policy and shell smash it does not need it and explosion because its unexpected(and i tested it and works).
Lapras has no other moves to raise its defence so therefor ancient power.
Sorry. I misread the Vikavolt. Why do you think weakness policy is so reliable, especially when shell smash lowers Minior's defenses? Sure explosion works, but why does it work BETTER than something like earthquake? Can you name a case when a Pokemon isn't OHKO'd by its other moves but is OHKO'd by explosion? Why does Lapras need to raise its defenses so much? Why can't you just replace it with something whose defenses are already good?
By the way, pinsirite is available.
because if a pokemon who faster than Minior(wich is unuasual seeing as MInior-core has a base speed of 60)than they hit before shell smash.
i put explosion on minior because its suprising(and it can be helpful in certain situations)because people always expect
E quake on Minior.
lapras should be a staller so a good defense is helpful
You can rely on them hitting Minior with an attack, but the attack won't often be super effective. You said explosion can be helpful in certain situations. What situations? If you don't think Lapras's defenses are good enough, it's easier to replace it with a Pokemon that has good defenses than to raise it with ancient power. On average, if you use ancient power for 8 turns, your defenses will be raised by 7/5 times. That's 8 turns, which is a long time. Why don't you just use a Pokemon that comes with good defenses, so it has good defenses after 0 turns?
The person who asked the question said that he would rather keep the pokemon he posted.
Also if you dont like my sets post your own ansewr dont just tell me mine are wrong!!
The comments here are already said pretty much everything I wanted to say...