Pokémon Rate My Team
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Mega Lucario ev trained in attack and special attack
timid nature

shiny yes.

Aura sphere
Calm mind
Poison jab

Sceptile ev trained in a little bit of everything
Nature sassy item yache barry
Giga drain
Roar to take advantage of it's speed
Dual chop might get rid of it

Typhlosion nature quiet not ev trained

Item Lum Berry
Burn up
Double edge
Solar beam

Nature impish
Item Dragonium Z
Fire blast

Hasty nature
Item Rocky helmet
Sludge bomb

Need help for the last Pokemon I am free to suggestions

First, what tournament is this? Second, if your Pokemon aren't EV trained, tell us the EVs you want them to have. Third, all your Pokemon except Lucario have bad natures. If you don't want to breed for better natures, you should write, "I don't have time to breed for natures." Third, Pokemon that focus on one damage category (either physical or special, but not both) are usually better because you can EV train them in one stat and power up all of their attacks.
The Pokemon Sun and Moon tournament  and I just finished egg shiny hunting Dratini so I probably have the right nature what is a good nature?
There are lots of Sun and Moon tournaments. Can you be more specific?
The best nature for Dragonite would be jolly.
nah adamant is O.K. but seeing as I have a Jolly Dragonite too I can't really say anything...
There are no tournaments where you can use some of the pokémon you wanna use (typhlosion and sceptile) neither mega evolutions, all official tournaments are based on VGC format (2vs2 bringing 4 pokemon out of 6).
I suggest to study the VGC 2017 metagame and learn how to choose nature, ev and sometimes iv of your pokèmon (sassy sceptile is one one the worst nature you can have for example). I suggest some youtube channels like CybertronProductions and WolfeyVGC but you can find many more. They can teach you all the basis and watching them play can help you a lot.
Why impish dragonite if you have outrage
wth thypholsion should have modest, not quiet
It could be Battle Spot or something like Kanto and Alola Regional Rumble.
Pokemon Showdown works great for testing out your team. You can also meet some people that will give you some feedback or suggestions.

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