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Okay so here is my Anthing Goes PVP Team also I didn't change some moves for specific reasons.

Role: Tank
Ability: Intimidate
Item: Flame Plate
-Flare Blitz-STAB stronger with Sunny Day
-Morning Sun-Heal up due to Flare Blitz having Recoil
-Sunny Day-Raise Flare Blitz Power and raise Morning Sun Healing
-Solar Beam-Coverage, only takes one move with sunny day

Role: Wall
Ability: Levitate
Item: Leftovers
-Discharge-STAB Hopefully Paralyze
-Hex-Just-In case I am up against a pokemon immune to Electric type moves
-Thunder Wave-Hopefully get a few free turns with paralyze and lower frail pokemons speed
-Double Team-Stall for longer

Role: Quick Claw Sweeper
Ability: Serene Grace
Item: Quick Claw
-Aura Sphere-Coverage Against 2-3 Weaknesses
-Thunder wave-Just in case I MUST BE FASTER TO LIVE
-Roost-Heal up incase I'm on low health

Role: Bulky Physical Tank
Ability: Disguise
Item: Life Orb
-Swords Dance
-Bulk Up
-Shadow Claw
-Play Rough

Role: Life Orb Attacker
Ability: Technician-I have a USELESS Ability, Great!
Item: Life Orb
-Ice Punch-Coverage, freeze if I'm lucky
-Spectral Thief-STAB, give my opponent a taste of their own medicine
-Close Combat-STAB Normal types will be handled
-Drain Punch-I KNOW it should be shadow claw or shadow sneak but otherwise, how DO I HEAL?

Altaria - Mega
Role: Mixed Tank
Ability: Natural Cure|Mega: Pixilate
Item: Altarianite
-Earthquake-Coverage against Fairy Weakness
-Steal Wing-Coverage against dragon remaining weakness
-Roost-Nope, I refuse to have my Altaria Faint
-Moonblast-STAB plus no pokemon are immune to fairy type moves (I think)

BEFORE you say that I should change some of my pokemon for other ones I realized that my pokemon seem to cover each others weaknesses but IF I DO have a Major Weakness like rock kinda then let me know

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This is not going to be what you want to hear, but: no your team really isn't very good.

Did you test this team in Anything Goes before you posted it here? A clear problem with this team should have presented itself very quickly if you did. AG teams don't look anything like yours -- they look like Ubers teams, except even more broken. Everything is extremely powerful and will overwhelm most members of your team. The only Pokemon on your team that fits AG's meta is Shaymin-Sky, and beyond that only Greninja is even worth a mention.

I'd suggest rebuilding this team from the ground up if you want to play AG, or replacing Shaymin and playing it in OU where it would fit much better. Even then, some of your concepts for movesets are questionable:

  • Bulky or 'tank' Arcanine should be using Intimidate, as this grants it a better ability to switch-in, which is the point of using bulky Pokemon. Sunny Day is not worth using to support just the one Pokemon, especially since it will act as a detriment to some of the other members on your team. Consider using Will-O-Wisp and Roar on your moveset, as this fits Arcanine's support role better. The Plate items are bad choices most of the time -- Leftovers or Rocky Helmet are both better for a tank/support role.

  • Volt Switch is a better move than Discharge, as it allows Rotom to act as a pivot which is why it is popular in the first place. Hex is a gimmick -- Hydro Pump is more powerful 99% of the time due to STAB and does not require set-up. If you stop playing AG, Double Team will be banned, so use a move like Pain Split in its place. Will-O-Wisp is also standard on Rotom, but since you have Thunder Wave and Wisp on Arcanine it's a bit of a toss up.

  • This Togekiss probably shouldn't be referred to as a special sweeper. It is not fast (Quick Claw does not make it fast) and doesn't really set up. It would be countered in actual play more like a defensive Pokemon, since its game is to make it impossible for the opponent to take down. You do have the 'paraflinch' abuse set down pat though -- Nasty Plot is a consideration over Aura Sphere as it makes it more threatening to walls and may allow it to sweep as you've planned. Quick Claw is a bad item, it's too inconsistent and you'll be using Thunder Wave to move first anyway. Replace it with Leftovers.

  • Arial Ace is too weak for competitive play -- you should replace it. I would do away with the mentality that you should use a move purely because it covers a weakness -- the move should actually be able to knock out the Pokemon that threatens Greninja, or else it's not worth it. Base 60 without STAB is nowhere near enough, and due to STAB, Dark Pulse actually hits Grass-type Pokemon for the same output as Arial Ace (60 x 2 = 120 and 80 x 1.5 = 120). The move also forces you to go mixed which is better avoided in most cases and means Arial Ace is even weaker. Replace it with Hydro Pump, as this will give you a consistent option for a Water-type move. Use Ice Beam over Double Team -- it covers Grass-type Pokemon better than Arial Ace ever could anyway.

  • Seed Flare is better than Energy Ball, and Synthesis is questionable on a frail offensive Pokemon that doesn't need to have high HP. Additionally, Sweet Kiss is quite unhelpful since it's inaccurate -- and Shaymin immobilises opponents naturally with Air Slash anyway. Hidden Power Ice/Rock, Healing Wish, Earth Power and Substitute are all considerations as replacements.

  • Go fully physical on Altaria -- again mixed is a bad idea unless there are certain Pokemon you can't threaten otherwise, and that's certainly not the case for Altaria which can use Return instead of Moonblast to take advantage of Pixilate and use its Attack stat. Again with Steel Wing, it's too weak to be effective. Return is stronger than this move against Fairy-type Pokemon (70 x 2 = 140 and 102 x 1.5 x 1.2 = 183 rounded). Use Dragon Dance instead, as this is the move that makes Altaria popular in the first place (and Mega Altaria is a more of a sweeper than a tank).

K got it, also I have changed it by 2 pokemon that and I think one of them help to cover the others weakness plus the question is gonna be more advanced so you may want to change your answer when I edit my question