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This is my first rain team ive ever made, my first weather team infact.
Please note when improving if you do, as i said this is not po as i no longer have it so please avoid dw abilitys ect such as politoad and drizzle which im saving dw points for.
As this is for battles against my friends we do not use tiers but i do try to avoid ubers and when using wifi i do not use Kyorge.


152hp 252spatk 104speeed

Calm mind
Ice beam

So kyorge is my tank and weather setter.
Thunders for coverage, calm mind doesnt need explaining, Ice beam is for dragons and more importantly my friends sassy zekrom and scald is high powered stab plus rain boost and chance of burning.
For Kyorge please only suggest item and move improvements seen as kyorge isnt the easyest of pokemon to get and unlike some other pokemon im not willing to restart with it.


252hp 56atk 200def

Stealth rock
light screen
gyro ball

This guy can act as a wall and a tank.
Stealth rock is self explanitry, gyro ball gets stab and goes well with base 33speed, light screen is team support and gives the team some chance against noobs who spam thunder and explosion is, well if your going to die you may as well die in a kamakazi style.
When im not using kyorge due to wifi i use him as a weather replenisher

Bronzong is great in most weather teams and trick room teams.
In rain though he works wonders with high def and spdef, access to s rock, is a good weather replenisher and in rain with levitate its two weaknesses (ground and fire) are destroyed.
So he becomes spiritomb with better defses.


@Choice band
Swift swim

Stone edge
Night Slash

Sweeper or in wifi battles hazard remover
In wifi i use life orb and instead of night slash i have rapid spin.
with decent attack and ok speed boosted to joint best second base speed should go quite well with choice band.
Stone edge is stab and good coverage, waterfall boosted with c.band,stab and rain is rather powerfull so worth having plus with that speed IMO is better than aqua jets priority.
X-scizzor and night slash are coverage and just there to fill in move slots really, kabutops doesnt have the biggest pysichal movepool.

The rain king (when it comes to walling IMO)

@Guess what Leftovers again :/
Rain dish
252hp 100def 56spatk 100spdef

Giga Drain
Leach seed

A staller that can do more damage than most stallers.
So Ok before you coment and say "you have 5 moves on Ludicolo" please dont because i know.
Toxic is an alternative to blizzard.
Blizzard is for competative play on wifi full of Archeops and more commonly seen Meinshao flying gem and acrobatics.
So blizzard covers its two weakneses bug and flying whereas toxic is for less sereious play against my freinds or on battle subway.
Toxic, leach seed, rain dish, leftovers, protect and rain =great stalling.
You get 3 recoverys each turn 4 with giga drain where as your opponent slowly dies of leach seed and toxic while you spam protect.
Ive said enougth.


@Life orb or Occa berry? ive been using life orb.
152hp 104atk 252spdef

Bullet Punch
U turn

A trapper set i borrowed off smogon with different evs and item choice.
So scizor works on rain teams quite well with access to priority moves that will wreck havock against other weather setters such as tyranitar.
But this scizors main purpose is to trap kill and scout.
Roost goes well with decnet def and ok spdef with the added rain effect weakening its fire weakness by one stage.


@Life orb unless in wifi where i shall use damp rock
which? normal set 252spatk 252speed 4spdef or wifi set 152hp 104spatk 152spdef.
Im asking this because like scizor these have not been caught yet im nearlly there in platinum but which ev set should i go considering that i can only use one and when using it in wifi it will be my rain lead.
Isthere a better mixed approach.

Hidden power ice
U turn-unless wifi rain lead where i shall use rain dance

My half sweeper rain wifi lead.
Thunder plus stab and 100%acc =pain
Tailwind IMO is a great move and i know not many pokemon have access to it, but its a very underused move as far as ive seen.
This gives my whole team a needed speed boost, this may let bronzong actually use his explosion against very slow pokemon such as conceldurr you see alot.
Hidden power ice covers the over used dragon types and is just good general coverage.

So im done please try and do a good detailed answer if you do not a few lines and remember this is a rain team and its not po.
Thanks :)

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