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So this isn't really an RMT, but it's closer to that than a regular question, so I decided to post this on RMT. I might be breaking the rules, but I couldn't sit through that really long manual written by ninja so I'll just live with the consequences if I did something wrong. So what I'm doing is that I have a bunch of random competitive pokemon, but I don't know what tier to play, what pokemon to use, or anything really. Please answer the 6 pokemon you think would go together the best, or maybe use 4 of my pokemon and suggest 2 new ones or something. Just to let you know, I play smogon, so please base your answer on that. (Ex. Monotype, PU, etc.) I don't think listing all my pokemon's movesets would be practical because most of them are the smogon suggested moveset and because it would make this post really long (which it is already) so I'll just list them, and if you want to know a moveset please don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

My pokemon are: Gyarados-Mega, Magnemite-FEAR, Rattata-FEAR, Primarina, Palkia, Salamence-Mega, Heatran, Altaria-Mega, Xurkitree, Tapu Koko, Decidueye, Milotic, Dragonite, Infernape, Aegislash, Mewtwo-Mega (Y), Virizion, Blissey, Metagross-Mega, Magearna, Pelipper, Pheromosa, Swellow, Magnezone, Kartana, Muk-Alola, Mimikyu, and Toxapex.

EDIT: I now am working on: Xerneas, Latios-Mega, Cresselia, Abomasnow-Mega, and Barbaracle. Also just wanted to mention my Toxapex doesn’t have Haze. And before you suggest breeding him with Quagsire, the Toxapex is a male. And no, I can’t breed it with a Ditto for a Female one because I’m too impatient for sosing Dittos

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Pheromosa and FEAR Pokemon aren't good in any Smogon formats.
Well, I have them, so I listed them
Still not answered... *cries inside*
Okay, so I decided to go through several viability ranking threads on Smogon Forums and list the Pokemon that are better than C rank. Here you go.
OU: Gyrados, mega Gyarados, Tapu Koko, Magearna, Pelipper, Magnezone, Kartana, Toxapex, Latios, mega Latios
UU: Primarina, mega Altaria, Infernape, Blissey, Alolan Muk
RU: Milotic, Virizion, Swellow, Cresselia, mega Abomasnow
Ubers: mega Gyarados, mega Salamence, mega Mewtwo Y, Blissey, Magearna, Toxapex, Xerneas
Monotype (fire): Heatran, Infernape
Monotype (water): Gyarados, Pelipper, Toxapex
Monotype (electric): Xurkitree, Tapu Koko, Magnezone
Monotype (fighting): Infernape
Monotype (poison): Alolan Muk, Toxapex
Monotype (flying): Dragonite
Monotype (psychic): Latios
Monotype (ghost): Decidueye
Monotype (dragon): mega Altaria, Dragonite, Latios
Monotype (dark): Alolan Muk
Monotype (steel): Heatran, Magnezone
Thanks sumwun that's actually exactly the answer I was looking for I'd BA you if I could
But it's not a team rate...
Besides, it was literally just opening each subforum, ctrl f viability rankings, and then ctrl f each Pokemon. You could have done that yourself.
I didn't really want a team rate i just didn't know where to ask this question your answer was the one i wanted

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Assuming you have competitive sets.
this will be a strange answer because i do not have a lot to go on but mimikyu if this is Swords Dance mim he is your set up sweeper
Pelipper hits hard in the rain
Blissey eats hits
Infernape has coverage and speed
Heatran just hits hard
Toxapex can poison stall

this is the best i can do with this amount of info

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Yeah I'll swap Blissey for some other tank though because I just realized even though he's shiny he also is Sassy so...
Pelipper can't hit hard at all. Its only job ever is to simply summon the rain.
Thanks for the advice Badrat