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I'm making a regi trio team because I like them a lot so I won't change any pokemon & this is for the battle frontier. they all have clear body so I didn't put it down. This is gen 3 so just remember that certain things didn't exist yet, & in emerald, the battle frontier's open level matches my highest levelled pokemon so I'm training them all to level 100.

Registeel @ Leftovers
EVs- 136 hp/60 attack/128 defence/128 spdefence/56 speed
Nature- careful
- Metal claw- this is his stab that I like because it can raise attack & it's good for finish offs & is heavily boosted by curse
- Seismic toss- coverage & it helps for anything non ghost to 3/4 HKO almost all pokemon he will face. This really helps with fighting types
- Substitute- it is super useful to set up curse & prevent stats plus leftovers recover damage
- Curse- it is amazing. It boosts physical stats to power everything up & it is easily set up with the substitute

This is an amazing wall with great hp & 150 in both defences. It absorbs tons of damage & can restore it with leftovers. Substitute neutralises all stat moves & absorbs almost 80 hp for every substitute, my only weakness being seismic toss/ night shade

Regice @ focus band
EVs- 128 hp/40 defence/128 sp attack/212 spdefence
Nature- Lax. I had no control over this if i had any I would have gotten calm so don't bug me about it
- Ice Beam- Main stab attacking move that makes half of this pokemon's bolt beam combo
-Thunderbolt- bolt in bolt beam that also covers fighting which most is this trio's primary weakness
-Amnesia- it boosts it's big time special defence making it take very little damage from anything special
- Protect- this is AWESOME for all of the flys, digs & bounces that the computer always uses get in the battle frontier

My special tank. It works wonders with all of these moves that are amazing when used together. It is also a great special sponge with a good 110 base defence because of the nature & even with 180

Regirock @ Choice band
EVs- 212 attack/200 defence/40 spdefence/52 speed
Nature- Lonely- once again NO CONTROL OVER NATURE I would have preferred adamant but his stats are still great
- Rockslide- awesome stab & it gets stab + cb boosts that decimates anything that is not resistant
- Super power- it kills so much that it's not even funny
- Hyper beam- although it might not seem like it, it is actually really good coverage with the raw power it posesses even without choice band
- Earthquake/hp [steel]- I know hp steel is crap but I don't have an earthquake tm yet so its just a filler until I beat some gyms in my leaf green to the send to fire red to send to emerald so I can clone it (pardon me for taking advantages of the programmer's mistakes) so this never happens again

It is my sweeper that OHKOs everything that takes neutral damage & 2HKOs most things resistant to it. Choice band doesnt let anything survive more than a hit or two & it's lonely nature actually raises it's attack but it's defence is still over 150 so it should be able to stand most hits & hit right back.

Any suggestions welcome but please remember that this is gen 3 so items & moves are limited

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Well having hyper beam and superpower on regirock is kinda useless replace hyper beam. Also, you have now coverage for ground types which can hurt most of your team. Everything else is good.

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well, i think this is a great defensive team. I will help this team because I love defensive team.

for Registeel,
EVs : 128 defense, 128 spdefense, 252 hp for wall
for Nature, its okay.
Move : that is an good moves. but I think you must replace metal claw with aerial ace because aerial ace is better in accuracy, and coverage fighting weakness.

for Regice
EVs : 128 hp, 128 defense, 252 spdefense for special tank
Move : everything is okay here

for Regirock,
EVs : 252 attack, 252 defense, 4 hp because it's OHKOs sweeper
Move : replace hyper beam with double-edge because Regirock have a bad spattack.

Hope it helps....

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sorry for my bad english