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Firstly, dis-tile is a combination of discharge and mega sceptile, you will see what I mean in a second. Tell me if it already exists. Note: I am only putting the strategy, not the teammates. Anyway rate it please.

Sceptile @ sceptilite
Trait: Overgrow --> Lightning Rod
Ev's: 252 special attack 252 speed
Nature: Modest
- Energy ball
- Dragon Pulse
- HP Fire
- Leaf Storm

(Incarnate) thunderus @ Choice Scarf
Trait: pressure
Ev's: 252 special attack 252 speed
Nature: Timid
- Discharge
- ???
- ???
- ???

How it works:
First, Sceptile mega evolves. Thunderus spams discharge which hits all opponents and sceptile's special attack is raised because of Lightning Rod. Then Repeat. Sceptile covers thunderus'es ice weakness ,and thunderus covers sceptile's flying weakness

Sceptile's energy ball can lower special attack And is a good STAB until its special attack is high enough. HP Fire is for grass and ice types. Dragon Pulse is STAB. Leaf Storm is good when sceptile's special attack is high enough to be OK when its special attack is high enough to be Still good when it yses the attack. I need suggestions for last three moves.

Good teammates:
I don't know but something that can cover not covered types.

I am open to suggestions.

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I thought lightning rod and storm drain were so similar that I counted them as the same strategy. I guess the only Pokemon that can use either ability well is Gastrodon.
And if you remember my last UU team... You'd remember that you said to replace gliscor with gastrodon (actualy i asked what i should replace for my stealth rocker gliscor, and you said gastrodon but still)
Doubles UU and singles UU are two different formats. Advice that works in one of them almost certainly doesn't work in the other.
Oh yeah. But can you just answer with actual helpful advice to make this better instead of just replacing it with a similer but not the same strategy. Like i need more moves on thunderus as well as suggestions for teammates
Honestly, I don't think lightning rod can ever be good in Doubles UU. I don't really know what else I can say.

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