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rate my super single team pwz

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Am currently making this team

Infernape @life orb
Naive 252atk/4spA/252spe

Close combat
Grass knot
Mach punch

Garchomp @lum berry
Jolly 4hp/252atk/252spe

Swords dance
Stone edge

Rotom-w @choice specs
Timid 4hp/252spA/252spe

Volt switch
Hydro pump
hp fire (dont know base power yet)

Any input is greatly appreciated

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2 Answers

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I like the team but there are a few adjustments to make.

I would consider not having grass knot considering it won't get very far with only a +1 in special attack, so replace it with Thunder punch (it's an egg move so it might be hard to get if you've already finished ev training) or putting a few more evs in special attack. If you do get thunder punch, consider getting earthquake instead of Mach punch because you already have maxed out speed.

I prefer dual chop over outrage because it breaks focus sashes & it doesnt keep you locked in plus it has a pretty good base stat anyways.

I would greatly consider changing it to a wall like Cloyster or ferrothorn because you already have 2 sweepers & in the super single battle subway, a wall can save lives. I suggest the sets-

Cloyster (F) @ leftovers
EVs- 252 hp/252 def/4spDef
Nature- Impish
Ability- overcoat (dream world)
- iron defence
- toxic
- razor shell
- Rapid spin


Ferrothorn (M) @ leftovers
EVs- 252 hp/252 def/4 sp def
Nature- impish
Ability- iron barbs
- Curse
- toxic/thunder wave
- spikes/power whip
- gyro ball

They are both very good in defence so either way they will wall a lot of counters to your pokemon, as they are resistant to many of their weaknesses

Hope this helped :)

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I would like to keep grass knot for water/ground types. How much spA should i have? And should i take it from attack and speed. And i might try dual chop but ll try outrage first as im halfway thru training as we speak. Rotom is solely for killing anything they cant. Wat about a bold p/split variant?
Or max hp/def sub/wish vaporeon
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I agree with last coment. It seem ud b at a big diadvantage if rotom is faints and a fast/strong water type ex:starmie comes in it would make both ur other pokemon look foolish I'd equip ur team with some surprise for that occurence or another weakness is that u have all fast pokemon Wichita don't get me wrong is good but sometimes not if ur up against a trick room team which tends to have rock/ground types(rotom inefective) even tho it's got hydro for an earthquake 1 shots for this I'd make sure rotom has levitate tho trick room teams tend to have gravity.

I'm not sayin ur teams not good cause it's got it's perks these r just some examples of 3 pokemon teams that could b a problem

Hpoe this helps

Ps... Whimiscott rules.. Beware the endeaver/encore

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