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First hail team

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Snow warning
252hp 252atk 4spdef

  • Wood hammer
  • Ice shard
  • Swords dance
  • Earthquake

The weather setter.
Brave nature and no evs and ivs in speed gives it the ability to be outrun by all other weather setters giving my team the weather.
One swords dance gives it decent attack and when two are set up its helped me sweep 5 pokemon twice with ice shard.


4hp 252atk 252speed
@life orb

  • Mach Punch
  • Thunder punch
  • Stone edge
  • Fire punch

You may be wondering why infernape is in a hail team well credit to infinate skies for the suggestion i need a scizor counter.
When i looked at my team i was walled by steel types especially his and others jirachis so i came up with infernape.
hes also there for coverage.


4hp 252spatk 252speed
@choice scarf

  • Volt switch
  • thunderbolt
  • Blizzard
  • Signal beam

With max spatk and stab blizzard this guy does allot of damage.


Ice body
252hp 228def 96spdef

  • Aqua ring
  • Stockpile
  • Whirlpool
  • Rest

Toxic isnt there puerly because tentacruel normally has it up.
Ice body+leftovers+aqua ring=allot of healing with the added stockpile def bonus.


Rain dish
4hp 252spdef 252speed

  • Toxic spikes
  • Blizzard
  • Sludge wave
  • Aqua ring

Normally sent out first or second it depends who there lead is but sets up toxic spikes and walls allot of special pokemon.


Poison heal
252hp 96atk 24def 136spdef
@toxic orb

  • Protect
  • Earthquake
  • Fire fang
  • Thunder fang

The evs are odd and need to be sorted out but the toxic orb gives me 1/8 healing so that is the equivilent of leftovers when taking the hail damage.
He is there purely to wall and cover my other pokemons weakness.

So this is my first hail team and it needs improvements.
This needs improvements now because this is a test team for an exact team ill be making for wifi.

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Very good but it is not going to be very effective because Abomansow is so easily defeated. I would go with a Scarf set: Blizzard, Water-pulse, Giga-drain/Energy-ball, and Shadow-ball/Hidden-power(Ground/Fire). Or you can go Physical Scarf: Ice-punch, Earthquake, Wood-hammer/Seed-bomb, and Rock-slide/Brick-break. Also there is Sub-seed-tank Leech-seed, Substitute, Blizzard, and Giga-drain/Toxic.


Good, but give him Iron-fist if you can.


You may want to give him Hidden-power(Fighting/Ground), maybe swap out Thunderbolt.


That is fine but I have found that the most effective Wailrein set is: Item: Leftovers, Ability: Ice-body, Nature: Brave, EVs: 252 Attack, 252 HP, 6 S.Defense, Moves: Avalanche, Waterfall, Earthquake, Curse.


Good but you do know that Rain-dish does not heal you in hail right? Go with Clear body. Scald is also a good option for a move to increase your overall defense.


Seems pretty good.

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Ok thanks looks good so far
supprisingly abomasnow has worked wonders lol
i really want iron fist on infernape but i cant have thunder punch and iron fist and seen as this will be my wifi team because i like it so much is that iron fist isnt avalible.
tentarcruel thanks for the suggestion
as for walrein thanks a bunch its evs are abit odd
you should tech at least one other pokemon hail just in case abamasnows hail dissapears.