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here is my team:

pokemon #1
species: feraligatr
type: water
nickname: silver
level: 100
held item: red card
nature: gentle
moves: blizzard(pp 5), surf(pp 15), hydro pump(pp 5), and crunch(pp24)
stats: hp 309, attack 257, defense (blue text) 206, sp.atk 211, sp.def (red text) 213, speed 207
EV: hp 55, attack 137, defense 137, sp.atk 84, sp.def 37, speed 120
hidden power: rock (60)
ability: torrent
gender: male
origin: soul silver

pokemon #2
species: blaziken
type: fire, fighting
nickname: Blaze
level: 100
held item: lax incense
nature: calm
moves: brave bird(pp 24), sky upercut(pp 24), flare blitz(pp 24), and thunder punch(pp24)
stats: hp 320, attack(blue text) 250, defense 191, sp.atk 256, sp.def (red text) 180, speed 198
EV: all 100 except for sp. def(10)
hidden power: fire (40)
ability: Blaze
gender: female
origin: soul silver

pokemon #3
species: arceus
type: ice
nickname: n/a
level: 100
held item: icicle plate
nature: hardy
moves: perish song(pp 8), future sight(pp 16), recover(pp 16), and judgment(pp16)
stats: hp 388, attack 291, defense 294, sp.atk 299, sp.def 264, speed 271
EV: all 100 except for sp. def(10)
hidden power: dragon (30)
ability: multi type
gender: n/a
origin caught in platinum

pokemon #4
species: arceus
type: dragon
nickname: (some Japanese text)
level: 100
held item: draco plate
nature: naive
moves: roar of time(pp 5), spacial rend(pp 5), shadow force(pp 5), and judgment(pp10)
stats: hp 369, attack 274, defense 265, sp.atk 259, sp.def (blue text) 230, speed (red text) 302
EV: unknown (seams to work best as a main attacker)
hidden power: unknown
ability: multi type
gender: n/a
origin: mystery gift/wi-fi event (Eigakan (Cinema) Arceus)

pokemon #5
species: arceus
type: grass
nickname: n/a
level: 100
held item: meadow plate
nature: brave
moves: perish song(pp 5), hyper beam(pp 5), recover(pp 10), and judgment(pp10)
stats: hp 361, attack (red text) 289, defense 275, sp.atk 269, sp.def 259, speed (blue text) 235
EV: pokecheck.org says all 0s
hidden power: poison(54)
ability: multi type
gender: n/a
origin: caught in pearl

pokemon #6
species: darkrai
type: dark
nickname: DARKRAI
level: 100
held item: reaper cloth
nature: timid
moves: dark void (pp 16), dark pulse (pp 24), dream eater (pp 24), and nightmare (pp24)
stats: hp 289, attack(blue text) 201, defense 223, sp.atk 329, sp.def 239, speed (red text) 295
EV: 100 for attack through sp.def, speed is 10
hidden power: physic (31)
ability: Bad dreams
gender: n/a
origin: unknown gen 4 game, OT: Jorge id no.: 23438

how can i make it better? (ie. more info, different moves, items, etc.)

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thanks Tahu
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what do you mean Trachy?
18 Pokemon cards
20 Trainer cards
22 Energy cards

It's a reminder for one of his TCG decks.
Oh, ok. Cool.

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