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[email protected] Sash
Nature:Adamant (+Attack - SpA)
Ability: Snow Warning
EVs:252 ATK, 252HP, 4DEF
- Seed Bomb
- Leech Seed
- Avalanche
- Ice Shard

This guy is my lead in almost every match so that I can get hail going as soon as I can. the EV's are meant to give him decent bulk, and make sure he can hit hard. the focus sash allows him to hit something hard with Avalanche and then KO next turn with Ice Shard. He is also useful mid-game because of Leech Seed, and Seed Bomb is there to deal with Hippo since everyone seems to try a SS team.


[email protected] Sludge
Nature: Calm(+SpD -ATK)
Ability: Liquid Ooze
EVs: 252HP, 120DEF, 136SpD
- Toxic Spikes
- Rapid Spin
- Surf
- Sludge Bomb

Tentacruel is a GREAT addition to this team. not only can it also act as my lead, but it can switch into any attack aimed at Abomasnow(or any other of my ice types) and not take to much damage. He then is able to set up 2 layers of toxic spikes, which are extremely important to this team, and also get an attack off or switch out before he dies.


[email protected]
Nature: Bold(+DEF -ATK)
Ability: Ice Body (yes I know its dream world but I wanted to test it)
EVs: 252HP, 252DEF, 4SpA
- Substitute
- Protect
- Blizzard
- Toxic

Regice is AMAZING on a hail stall team. It's main idea is the same as Stallrein, but better because of its increased Defenses and SpA. You sub on the switch, or any non super effective attack. then you protect. with 2 turns of Ice Body+Leftovers, you will have enough for another sub and you can repeat the process to keep stalling. Blizzard is there to hit pokemon that cant break my subs in 2 hits with some extra damage. And yes, it has Toxic, why? Because if they have flying types or pokemon with Levitate you can still Toxic them and stall them out.


[email protected]
Nature: Bold(+Def -Atk)
Ability: Ice Body
EV's: 252DEF, 252SpD, 4SpA
- Substitute
- Protect
- Bilzzard
- Surf

Stalreign is basically just like Regice, but I replaced toxic for surf to hit Steel's and Fire types that think that are safe to switch in.


[email protected] Balloon
Nature: Modest(+SpA -Atk)
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: 252SpA, 252SPE, 4HP
- Shadow Ball
- Fire Blast
- Hidden Power Ground
- Energy Ball

Chandelure serves multiple roles that my team needed. It is able to switch into Fire type attacks and get a Flash Fire boost and hit anything pretty hard with a STAB+Flash Fire Fire Blast. It is also able to block rapid spin so my toxic spikes stay down so I am able to stall. I used to run Choice Scarf over Air Balloon, but Air Balloon fits my team more I think. People always go for an Earthquake on Regice when they see it, and even though it doesn't do a lot of damage, its nice to switch into this guy and surprise them.


[email protected] Scarf
Nature: Naive(+SPE -SpD)
Ability: Sand Veil
EV's: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 SpA
- Outrage
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Fire Blast

Pretty Standard ScarfChomp I think. If you are questioning why I run him, there are multiple reasons why I do. First, Garchomp can switch into T-Bolts aimed at Stalrein or Tentacruel and hit back hard. Second, Garchomp can actually switch into Fire type attacks if Chandelure dies. ScarfChomp also allows me to go on the offensive if I have to, so that I can clear out a threat to my team and continue to stall. And finally, Garchomp is one of the only pokemon on my team that is actually made to function under SS, which can cause some problems for this team if I don't have Toxic Spikes up. And I also use a Naive nature instead of Jolly so that Fire Blast can hit at maximum damage to Ferrothorn if it thinks about switching in.

ALSO: the only real problem that I have seen with this team so far is Vaporeon and Milotic, is there anyway to work in a counter for those in this team?

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you know rotom as electric ice could give you the types you need to kill milotic/vaporean here's a few ideas.

abilty:levitate(so you can remove chandelure's air balloon possibly)

set #1 speedrotom ev's: 252spd 252spa 4def nature modest
electro ball
hex/ominous wind/shadow ball
thunder wave
Blizard/(something super to weaknesses)

this is simple thunder wave (lowers opponets speed) then STAB electro ball for great damage.Or after thunder wave use hex which will then have 100 power but if you are worried of a ground type killing you
even though he can't use ground moves then go for ominous wind to have a chance to raise all your stats
or shdow ball.Blizzard is for grounds but could be replaced by something else.

set#2 doublerotom ev's:252 spa 252spd 4hp nature modest
charge beam/discharge
thunder wave/toxic/will-o-wisp/blizzard
hex/shadow ball

self explanatory but if you need me to explain it tell me
Okay, but who should I replace?
definitely chandelure for 3 reasons
1 rotom has levitate
2 rotom gets ghost attacks and garchomp has fire and ground attacks
3 rotom won't suffer from hail in ice form
Hmmmmm.  Chandelure with Flash Fire proven useful for my team. Switch ins with no damage greatly helps my team plus the fire boost is great. But Rotom-F has many Cons like said. I'll try to test it out and see how it goes. What about my other pokemon?
then replace walrien you already said he copies regiice

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Rotom is a Special attacker though. Vaporeon and Milotic do a good job surviving even SE Special Attacks. Plus, that adds another slow Ice type to your team. I do suggest replacing Chandelure though. But who to add onto your team? I'm going to go with an odd suggestion here: the unorthodox PHYSICAL Thundurus.

252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 whatever
Leftovers or whatever
Prankster (if running Thunder Wave)/Defiant (If not using Thunder Wave)

Wild Charge
Bulk Up
Thunder Wave/Hammer Arm/Crunch
Thunder Wave/Hammer Arm/Crunch

This also gives you your Earthquake protection.

A fast attacker who can take down bulky waters, while Hammer Arm helps against other Hail teams.

Now for a few more suggestions. On Abomasnow, I'd go with Wood Hammer over Seed Bomb.

For Garchomp, go with an Attack boosting nature. You already have the Choice Scarf.

Lastly, replace Sludge Bomb on Tentacruel. Go with:

Venoshock: 130 base power when the foe comes in and is poisoned by Toxic Spikes.

Sludge Wave: Ordinary Poison is useless. Just go with 5 more base power.

Acid Spray: Psuedo-hazing. Good with Toxic Spikes. If they stay in, just destroy them.

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Thanks :) Thundurus seems weird. Especially  if it's physical. But I think it'll be nice to have a Thundurus. Wood Hammer. Why didn't I think about that? I used Sludge bomb on Tentacruel because I'm used to using that moveset. I like it alot. Going with Sludge wave but I see how well venoshock does.