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Dragonite (adamant) (inner focus) att:252 sp:252 hp:4

  • thunderwave (Paralyze and half speed)
  • roost (heal yourself)
  • dragon dance (speed yourself up)
  • dragon claw (STAB and controllable)

First you will paralyze and dragon dance, and once you set up dragon dance your opponent has a chance to not even do damage next turn, and when he does you do roost, you control that pokemon 'cause you are always faster and you and that with dragon claw

Gengar () (levitate)
SpA:252 sp:252 HP:4
Life Orb

  • Sludge Wave (STAB)
  • Shadow Ball (STAB, covers weaknesses)
  • ice beam (Hits Grass, Ground, Dragon, Rock, Flying)
  • Giga Drain (Return your health)

Gengar will come in with high speed and kill the remains, he hits in total 8 super effective with high damage moves and high special attack

Scizor (adament) (technician)
Att:252 Sp:252 Def:4
Choice Scarf

  • Bullet Punch (80 power and priority)
  • Bug Bite (120 power)
  • Super Power (high power)
  • ?not decided?

Scizor has a high attack and defence and avarage speed, with choice scarf it outspeeds basespeed 100 pokemon and will hit hard

Weavile (adament) (pressure)
Att:252 Sp:252 Hp:4
Life Orb

  • Ice Punch (STAB #Dragonslayer1)
  • Night Slash (STAB)
  • Brick Break (other dark types and rock types such as tyrannitar)
  • Swords Dance (higher damage output)

Weavile is a glass cannon, if you have a chance to set-up SD and survive you will kill everything in your path with ease bc of your high speed and attack (+2)

Porygon-Z () (Adaptability)
SpA:252 Def:129 SpD:129

  • tri-attack (100% bonus damage)
  • thunderbolt (high damage)
  • flamethrower (high damage)
  • ?not decided?

Because of his abillity his Tri-Attack is the same power as a standard Hyperbeam (with no STAB), he's slow so that's why he has EV-Spread in Defence and Special Defence and leftovers, hard hitter

So I have in total 5 pokemon right now, all different typing and different roles, what should my 6th pokemon be?

Gengar can't learn ice beam...
Also I think you should use Swampert because none of your Pokemon can learn stealth rock.

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