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[email protected] Expert belt
Ability:Water Absorb
Evs 252 atk, 126 spd, 126 sp de F
Dynamic punch
Bulk Up
Ice Beam
[email protected] Lucarionite
Ability (mega evolved) Adoptability
Evs 252 atk, 126 spd, 126 de F
Close Combat
Bone Club
Swords Dance
Dragon Pulse
Togekiss @ Focus Lens
Ability Serene Grace
Evs 252 sp atk 126 spd 126 def
Aura Sphere
Dazzling Gleam
Razor Wind
[email protected] Incenium z
Ability Blaze
Evs 252 atk 252 sp atk
Blast Burn
Darkest Lariat
Karate Chop
Flare Blitz
Serperior @ Miracle Seed
Ability Overgrow
Evs 252 atk 252 spd
Leaf Blade
Poison Fang
Dragon Tail
Tapu [email protected] Live Orb
Ability Electric Surge
Evs 252 sp atk 126 atk 126 spd
Brave Bird
Electro Ball
Nasty Plot

Please tell me what I could do to improve on this team!

Are Legendary/Mythicals allowed? :P
Any other rules (Item clause, No Megas/Z-Moves, Species Clause, etc.)?

What natures? :P

Most People format Special Attack/Defense as SpA/SpD and Speed as Spe to avoid confusion. :P

If you can use Legendaries/Mythicals, which ones can you access? :P

Tapu Koko: Elecrto Ball is bad. Discharge is only good on Defensive Pokémon. Don't run a Pokémon mixed unless you are an expert at what your doing or the set it highly recommended- so a 252 SpA / 252 Spe. Tapu Koko should probably have Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, and Roost to KO more Pokémon and not die to its own Life Orb. Tapu Koko can't learn Nasty Plot- therefore, replace that moveslot with Calm Mind, Grass Knot, Hidden Power [Ice], or Volt Switch. :P

Don't use Incineroar in singles (but do in Doubles), there are many better Fire Types for singles, like Blacephalon, HA Blaziken, or Volcorona. :P

Serperior: Serperior without Contrary, Leaf Storm, and Hidden Power (Fire) is not a Serperior to be used. If you can't make those changes, use a Ferrothorn or a Breloom. :P

Poliwrath is bad. Use Protean/Battle Bond Greninja, Gyrados, Rotom-Wash, Tapu Fini, Toxapex, or Azumarill instead. :P

Togekiss is a bit outclassed by Dragonite, Skarmory, Celesteela, and Hawlucha. :P

Your spread choices are a bit confusing. Establishing a role for a Pokémon is important. If a Pokémon is good a Attacking, it should attack and be fast, not try to take a hit. Something that should take a Hit usually shouldn't have more attack, generally because it either can already hit back hard enough, or has passive damage. :P

Just some advice. Hope I helped. :P
I would switch out pokemon, however these pokemon i have spent countless hours training and also I don't have many legendary that I've found that work well. I also don't have access to some of the Pokemon listed there, however I greatly appreciate the recommendations on move sets and ev distribution.

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