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So before I begin, disclaimer, this team was taken from Pokemon Database's in-game team for Platinum (I think it might have been the most top rated one) and the pokemon movesets are a mish-mash of Smogon and DB.

Infernape - Naive nature
Ability: Blaze
1. Close Combat
2. Stone edge/Earthquake
3. Flare Blitz
4. Shadow claw

Luxray - Naughty nature
Ability: Intimidate
1. Crunch
2. Thunderbolt
3. Hidden Power Ice/Ice Fang
4. Iron Tail

Floatzel - Rash nature
Ability: Swift Swim
1. Surf
2. Ice Beam
3. Waterfall
4. Brick Break

Roserade - Timid nature
Ability: Natural Cure
1. Leaf Storm
2. Sludge Bomb
3. Sleep Powder
4. Hidden Power Ground

Lucario - Modest nature
Ability: Inner Focus
1. Aurasphere
2. Dragon Pulse
3. Extremespeed
4. Swords Dance

Kadabra - Timid nature
Ability: Synchronise
1. Shadow Ball
2. Psychic
3. Shockwave
4. Signal Beam

Staraptor (can be used to replace either Lucario or Kadabra) - Jolly nature
Ability: Intimidate
1. Close Combat
2. U-turn
3. Brave Bird
4. Return/Steel Wing

Please could you tell me how the team would fare in-game, in the battle tower and competitively (though online battles are impossible sadly ;^;). Also in the spaces where I have 2 moves could people recommend which is better? I've been struggling with what to give those pokemon

Which 3 Pokemon are you using in the Battle Tower? What are the items and EVs?
I remember the first time I played the battle tower Infernape was definitely a huge help so I'll probably pick him again. I think I also brought Floatzel and Luxray along though honestly I've never been very good at the Battle Tower. I believe the first time I gave infernape a magmarizer, floatzel a water plate and I'm not sure about luxray and their EV's are going  to be 252 atk/4 def/252 spe (infernape), 204 atk/156 SpA/148 spe (luxray) and 240 atk/252 SpA/16 spe (floatzel)
Why are you using a Magmarizer? Why are you using Luxray and Floatzel when you can use Zapdos and Starmie?
I think I used a magmarizer  cause it powers up Infernape's fire type moves. Also I used Luxray and Floatzel because they're Pokemon that I trained since the start of the game. Once you've finished the game I found that it was harder to gain exp. Why Starmie though? I can understand zapdos cause it's a flying/electric type (not affected by ground + only 2 weaknesses).
Infernape should have a Jolly nature. Earthquake and Stone Edge are both pretty even in terms of coverage, so I'd probably go EQ for the better accuracy.
Magmarizer doesn't power up fire attacks. Starmie has significantly higher stats than Floatzel and can learn thunderbolt and recover.
@KRLW890 I'd read somewhere (not sure if it was here or smogon) that earthquake is generally better in-game and stone edge is better competitively (though i guess you can't really battle with other people anymore except through local wireless XD) but I do see your point about the coverage
@sumwun I got magmarizer confused with the flame plate XD. I see your point about Starmie. I'll try catching one soon then. Thanks for the help :D

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