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1000 Voltz (Lanturn) @ Damp Rock/Life Orb (What should I use?) Special sweeper
Ability Water Absorb
Nature Modest
Rain Dance
Signal Beam

Vaporeon @ Expert Belt Special sweeper
Ability Water Absorb
Nature Calm
Hydro Pump
HP Ground
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam

Bibarel @ Choice Band (I'll change this) Physical Sweeper
Ability Unaware
Nature Adamant
Super Power
Hyper Fang

Jellicent @ Leftovers Wall/Staller
This 1 my cousin EV trained for me. 128 Def 128 SAtk 252 SDef
Nature Bold
Ability Cursed Body

Blastoise @ Leftovers (Epic Tank)
Nature Calm
Ability Torrent
Mirror Coat
Iron Defense
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

Kingdra @ Razor Claw (I'm willing to swap this for just about anything useful.) Mixed Attacker + takes most grass moves.
Nature Serious
Ability Sniper
Dragon Pulse
Ice Beam

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Alright, my first answer of the new section!

Lanturn: I don't like Rain Dance, it takes a turn that could be used for attacking. Replace it for Ice Beam. Oh, and while you're at it, replace Thunder for Thunderbolt, so that you can have the legendary Bolt-Beam combo! Oh, use the Life Orb.

Vaporeon: You already have a Special Sweeper, so you could use a Stall set (with Scald, Ice Beam, Acid Armor, and Toxic holding the Leftovers) or use a Special Tank set, replacing the Expert Belt for the Leftovers, and using the moves Scald (or Surf, your choice), Ice Beam, Signal Beam, and HP Ground since you have it. Note: Vaporeon can't be a Sweeper, it's too slow.

Bibarel: Using the Choice Band is probably the only way to get it to do damage, although I don't think it works with Bibarel's bad movepool. Replace it with the Life Orb. The filler should be Fury Cutter to kill Grass types.

Jellicent: You might want to replace Surf with Scald, so that you have a chance to burn Steel types like Skarmory and Steelix.

Blastoise: Consider Surf or Scald over Hydro Pump, it's better to have good accuracy and good power than OK accuracy and awesome power. Other than that, you're wonderful.

Kingdra: If you want to keep the Scarf, then replace Agility (can't use anything else) for Waterfall for Water type STAB. If you don't want the Scarf, then use the Scope Lens, for awesome crit damage with Sniper.

I wish you many wins and I hope this helps! I am now done editing this answer.

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alright, consider vaporeon a special tank. I didn't notice until after i finished editing.
Ok, I'll finish this answer now.
I put the choice scarf there by accident. Wow, that was a dumb thought....