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Any recommendations for moves and items or other stuff?
Also please help to choose the last team member!

Inteleon @Splash Plate
Ability: Torrent Nature: Modest
EV's: Max speed, Max special attack, HP
Snipe Shot (Stab)
Ice beam
Substitute (IDK can someone suggest something?)
U-turn (Switch out quickly)

Aegislash @Metal Coat
Ability: Stance Change Nature: Adamant
EV's: Max attack, Max HP, sp. def
Iron head (Stab)
Close Combat
Kings Sheild
Swords Dance

Gengar (Gmax) @ Air Balloon
Ability: Cursed Body Nature: MOdest
EV: Max Special, Max Speed, HP
Shadow Ball (Stab)
Energy ball (idk)
Sludge Wave (Stab)
dazzling gleam (coverage)

I want to replace either energy ball or dazzling gleam with nasty plot, though I don't know which.

Mimikyu @ Razer claw
Ability: Disguise Nature: Adamant
EV: Max Attack, Max HP, Def
Play rough (Stab)
Trick room
Shadow Claw
Drain Punch

to set up trick room for Hatterene

Hatterene (Gmax) @??? (this Hatterene is a physical-based Hatterene because it may surprise a lot of players)
Ability: Magic Bounce Nature: Brave
EV's: ?????
Play rough
Mystical fire
Giga drain/power whip
swords dance

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What kind of doubles? VGC, OU, or something else?
I want to battle in the battle stadium because I just started playing pokemon
Oh god this is absolute garbage.
@Sceptile You want to explain why?

Physical Hatterene that mainly has special attacks
Razor claw Mimikyu
Metal coat Aegislash
Splash plate Inteleon with sub
then what do you recommend? @Sceptile
Special Hatterene
Life orb/leftovers mimikyu
I personally use weakness policy on my aegislash, but I I think leftovers and lum berry are viable.
Maybe replace energy ball on gengar.
I use choice specs inteleon, but life orb is probably also good if you would like to use other moves. Also replace substitute with a coverage move.
Replace the grass civerage on hatterene with trick room.

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