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This team has Pokémon that I caught myself in ultra moon and have not transferred any of them. Also this is my first competitive team in the 8 years I have been playing. Feel free to tell me what I can improve and other stuff.
@Firium Z
Impish (-sp atk, +def)
Flame Body
sp atk 218/ sp def 172/ spe 202/ def 141/ atk 145/ hp 233
-Quiver Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Fire Blast
Mild (+sp atk, -def)
sp atk 238/ sp def 208/ spe 160/ def 117/ atk 145/ hp 216
-Energy Ball
@Black Sludge
Timid (+spe, -atk)
Beast Boost
sp atk 332/ sp def 182/ spe 352/ def 182/ atk 163/ hp 329
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Claw
-Draco Meteor
Jolly (+spe, -sp atk)
sp atk 146/ sp def 178/ spe 150/ def 190/ atk 248/ hp 281
-Hydro Cannon
-Stone Edge
-Focus Blast
@Groundium Z
Bold (+def, -atk)
Sand Stream
sp atk 146 / sp def 156 / spe 123 / def 242 / atk 202 / hp 293
@Rocky Helmet
Careful (+sp def, -sp atk)
Stance Change
sp atk 90/ sp def 257/ spe 109/ def 254/ atk 126/ hp 186
-Flash Cannon
-Brick Break
-Night Slash
-Kings Shield

definitely put an item on your gardevoir.
You are just talking about the moves and items right? Because (no offense ) the nature's are all off
Did you EV train these Pokémon? Because giving us the stats doesn’t help much.

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YES! I love it. But...

Gardevoir needs an item. You can ditch Hypnosis and and have Assault Vest as your item. Or Keep Hypnosis and Have Gardevoirite (If that's how you spell it).

I personally think Aegislash should have no speed EV's. The turn after you use kings shield, you want to be slower than the opponent so when they attack, you still have Defense form.

Hippowdons nature needs to be changed. -Attack is not the way to go if all your moves are Physical. Maybe +Defense -Sp.Attack.

Naganadal is fine, but replace shadow claw for Nature purposes.

Volcorona, don't use that nature. Do anything that Supports it's sp.attack or leaves it alone.

Hope I helped
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