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suggestion to this team?

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here is my team
Hydreigon 252 satk 252 spd
dragon pulse
dark pulse
chandelure 252spd 252satk
energy ball
shadow ball
kingdra 252 satk 252 spd
dragon pulse
ice beam
dragon dance
metagross 252 satk 252 hp
i need a good move set
shuckle 252 defense 252 special defense
double team
foretress 252 sdefense 252 hp
toxic spike
stealth rock
any item suugestion?and give me a good moveset for metagross

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Hydreigon: Either Blackglasses or Dragonfang

Chandelure: Charcoal, and teach it Fireblast

Kingdra: Mystic Water or Dragonfang

Metagross: Metalcoat or Odd Incense

Shuckle: Maybe get rid of him for something a little more usable, or at least give it a few good moves. Maybe rockslide and give it a Hardstone to hold?

Foretress: It probably won't need it, but a Silkscarf will up Explosion's power a bit.

As for moves for your Metagross, it should have, if possible:
Metal Claw
Flash Cannon
Meteor Mash

That's the best set-up I can think of for your team. Good luck. :)

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The biggest problem that I see is that you don't have one physical attacker, if Someone were to come in with a sp. tank, you would be finished. Metagross should be ev trained in attack not sp. attack. Try something like this: Metagross trained in attack and speed, holding light clay with the moves light screen, zen headbutt, meteor mash, and earthquake/hammer arm. Maybe get rid of kindra for a physical attacker, so you dont get annihilated by a sp.tank or something.

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