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Help my Super single battle team

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Miensho(M)@Life Orb
Jolly nature(+Spd,-Sp Atk)
Evs:@Atk252 Spd252 Def6
Drain Punch
Rock Slide
Poison Jab
[email protected] Rock
Rash Nature(+Sp Atk, -Sp Def)
Evs:252Sp Atk 252Spd 6HP
Sunny Day
Heat Wave
Air Slash

Leavanny(M)@Focus Sash
Naughty nature(+Atk, -Sp Def)
Evs:Atk252 Spd252 Hp4
Swords Dance
Leaf Blade
Poison Jab

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Well you could try breeding them with a action reaplay?
That will get them to know diffrent moves but you will end up,
with like a sewaddle that knows high jump kick!
Don't answer if you don't know what your on about.
This is competative batteling, for Pokemon online a battle simulater.
This answer makes no sense and action replay can ruin your game this is very likely to be downvoted and hidden.
80% of "AR can ruin your game" stories are false. (Even though mine is true.)
And this team is not for PO.
Oops so its not, still competative play though.
yes but...

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