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Note: This is a team meant for the Super Single Battle Subway train, not for the competitive Meta-game. I'd like advice on the Meta-game for the Battle Subway, and not replacements for Pokemon.

Scizor # Metal Plate

Nature: Adamant (^Atk -Sp. Atk)
Ability: Technician
. 252 Atk EVs / 252 ??? EVs / 6 Def EVs (??? = Probably Speed)

  • Bullet Punch
  • X-Scissor*
  • Swords Dance
  • Brick Break

This set has been working well for me right now, but once they lead off with a Fire type, I am at a HUGE disadvantage in the start, which is usually my reason for loss. But most of the time, I usually get to set up one or two to be sure Swords Dances to sweep all three Pokemon.
*Please note that this Scizor is already in my Black game, so I won't be able to replace X-Scissor for Bug Bite.

Haxorus # Choice Scarf/Band

Nature: Adamant (^Atk -Sp. Atk)
Ability: Mold Breaker
. 252 Atk EVs / 252 Speed EVs / 6 HP EVs

  • Outrage
  • Earthquake
  • Dragon Claw
  • Shadow Claw

If something makes me angry or screws up my Scizor's sweep with an unexpected Flamethrower or something, I switch into this guy right here to revenge kill SOMETHING.
Right now, I am currently using a Choice Scarf but the problem is that I sometimes don't get enough power to KO some Pokemon (I need this dude to ensure KOs on most Pokemon), so I am thinking about switching to a Choice Band instead, but I risk being outsped.

Jellicent # Leftovers

Nature: Bold (^Def -Atk)
Ability: Cursed Body
. 252 HP EVs / 152 Def EVs / 106 Sp Def EVs

  • Shadow Ball
  • Toxic
  • Protect
  • Recover

This set has worked well for me too, but Jellicent has trouble taking hits 20% of the time, so I might switch this Pokemon for another. This Pokemon is the wall of my team, where I am needed to take hits, this is my guy to switch into. I like to Toxic and Protect/Recover most attacks (which manages to stall a lot of Pokemon), and when I am able to attack, I spam Shadow Ball's hoping for Special Defense drops.


  • 05.13.2012 11:47p
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Wait, so you don't want Pokemon replacements?
I would not like any yes.
I prefer to pick out Pokemon myself.
Give yor jellicent Will-o-Wisp instead of toxic and he will be able to take physical hits much better, the damage won't grow but it will halve the opponents attack, making jellicent a monstrous wall.

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Ouch that sucks about your scizor and bug bite, but anyway.

Scizor is fine, just make sure to use those speed EVs

Haxorous, maybe take out dragon claw for brick break, for coverage over those pesky ice types, breaks reflect and light screen, you already have a powerful dragon type attack, and with the choice scarf you are locked into that move for good.

JellicentSwitch toxic for will-o-wisp, because that will drop down their attack, and if you do will-o-wisp, you might want to consider hex, for that extra power, because hoping for lower special defense on shadow ball isn't always reliable.

Otherwise, good team.

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Dragon Claw is for sweeping long-term in case I feel like its strong enough to KO instead of getting confused for Outrage, but coverage is definitely a plus.

Nice suggestion with Will-O-Wisp; haven't considered that actually. Thanks!