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You can share your battle replays (or battle codes from the cartridge games) on this thread. Please read and follow the rules below.

  1. Replays from the lower ladder (<1300 Elo) will be removed, by popular demand. There are no stakes in a low ladder game, and either player is very likely to make basic misplays or use a bad team. This makes the match difficult to watch. For now, we will say that any match rated below 1300 Elo is from the low ladder. (We may be lenient with less popular formats.)

  2. Your replay should be entertaining. A random sweep you got or some guy who went off at you is probably common to most people. Make sure there is something unique or surprising about it.

  3. If you're sharing a Showdown replay, please make sure it is actually uploaded on their website. You need to press the 'Upload replay' button at the end of the match (not download) and post the link it gives back to you. Do not post the link to a battle room, because it will expire. Do not attach the file path to a replay you saved to your computer, because we can't access that.

  4. If you have multiple replays, you must submit them all in the same answer. If you get another replay, you should edit your answer to add it.

  5. Please add a warning if people use harsh language in the chat during your replay. No slurs!

If your replay link looks like file:///C:/Users/username/folder/Format-2000-01-01-player1-player2.html, then we can't see it. That is a file on your computer. Upload the replay next time.

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Question: are you allowed to post your replay in another format, like a youtube video link? As long as others can see it, and it's not (as you said), just a file path, is it allowed?
@Jme yes
Uploaded: Dec 3, 2021 | Rating: 1274
Am I allowed to post with this elo? I know it is not over 1300 elo, but it is really close (I have over 1400 ladder points on the played format).
I know I'm not Fizz, but what format is it for?
@BlastFury0614 Don't think so. You may have more ELO than the requirement on the ladder, but if your opponent is below 1300, then that means it's most likely that they'll misplay and unskilled most of the time.

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I dont have a lot of cool replays but these ones weren’t terrible ig

Gen7 OU:

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I'm pretty sure Celebi wasn't winning preview in the 4th replay; Guzzlord + Sucker Punch Cro are pretty enough for it, I guess.
Hmm you could be right. I think I had Psychic + something like Aura Sphere. Can't check since I no longer have that team since Celebi is RU now. :/
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Close battle with Ignis Aqua Herba I'm gonna put more replays on this later
Against all odds Calyrex-Shadow saves my bacon against ANoobWithoutAName. GG.
I tested a fun set I made, I lost, but it was fun. GG Swastik.
GG Manectric that was fun, even though I lost.
Why I hate Sucker Punch and Lycanroc HO.
How to play around specs with SubSeed. Also Focus Miss, er, Blast hax.

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What's entertaining about this replay?
Oh they should be entertaining. I put some games that aren't on the ladder but are good.
A accidental misclick leads to a long challenge cup 1v1 battle. The longest one I've had. Also, one opponent has less than 1300 elo so I'm commenting, like what Polaris did.
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I typed in 1000 on the 'Go to turn' text box and it broke the tab in which the replay was being played. xD

Btw, your opponent lost ELO cause whenever a tie happens the person with more ELO always loses some of it.
That’s what I assumed. It just seems somewhat unfair.
That's fair imo, because if you have low ELO then you should be rewarded for tying with a high ELO player.
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A few of my favorite replays. I'll update this regularly.

OU tournament game where Bisharp does very well

Another OU tournament game where Bisharp is incredible, quarterfinals

Why Clefable should rise to S

Warning: A bit of harsh language in the first replay

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Language warning for the first one.
Clefable won't ever rise to S because Heatran exists :)

E: Didn't saw this is Nat Dex. Is Heatran used there, like OU :o
Heatran is pretty common in National Dex, however Heatran is scared of boosted Thunder and its paralysis rate and offensive sets are pretty common and those cannot check clef almost at all.
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Feat your eyes on... Sash Ho-Oh (Gen 7 AG) (Language Warning)
This game was WAY more tense that it should've been. I can't believe sash Ho-oh actually saved that dude lmao but I still ended up winning cause Taunt Yveltal is too good.

I have no idea why I won this. (Gen 7 AG)
I've honestly never been more proud of winning a battle. My team is literally 6-0'd by CM Groundceus and I felt like forfeiting when I saw CM on the Groundceus. Played around and ended up winning lol, never give up.

The closest battle I've ever had in my life. Ever. (Gen 7 AG)
I shall never undermine the value of PP of my moves now lmfao.

DrAgOn aScEnT iS SucH a sPammAblE mOvE! (Gen 7 AG)
(Note: That line is not meant to insult my opponent since he said something similar -- it's just what people usually say!)

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(I am asjklfjsdklfjsdfjl. I know, weird name lol.)
Arceus-Rock is an used pretty less as a Rayquaza-Mega check as Tyranitar exists. Yes, it is underrated, but just a bit and, in my opinion, is used as much as it deserved. This isn't ORAS now, mate, Arceus-Rock was legit one of the best Arceys formes back then when you had the check Life Orb Ho-Oh and Yveltal, and when V-Create Rayquaza-Mega was far more common than Earthquake. There's a reason why the the Tyranitar is higher in the Viability Rankings than RocCeus. Tyranitar competes heavily with Arceus-Rock for its defensive niche. Tyranitar has the added Dark-typing, which also gives it Pursuit, so it has an edge against threats like Gengar-Mega. If you're running Rayquaza-Mega + Tyranitar, and if the opponent send in their Gengar-Mega to revenge kill your Rayquaza-M, then the Tyranitar can easily Pursuit trap the Gengar-M, so the opponent'll actually have to play some games if they don't want to trade Megas. Even if you sack, it'll not go in vain as the Tyranitar would revenge kill the Gengar-M easily. As Tyranitar has access to a free itemslot, it can run Shuca Berry to act as the closest thing to a Rayquaza-Mega counter which you can get, whereas Arceus-Rock is left with a restricted itemslot. Tyranitar also has the added benefit of checking other scary offensive threats like non-Sunsteel Strike Necrozma-Ultra, Gengar-Mega, Yveltal and Arceus-Normal. Foul Play does solid damage to almost everything Tyranitar is relied on to check, OHKO'ing Necrozma-U and Gengar-M and 2HKO'ing a boosted Arceus-N. Also, Sand Stream's boost to its Special Defense allows to effectively check some powerful special attackers, almost all of which I've mentioned above. Now if we come back to Arceus-Rock, another of its big issue is that whenever it comes in, you're going to be drained of a lot of your momentum. Things like Groudon-Primal and Zygarde love to come on RocCeus, and they can wall it pretty easily depending on its set. Also, common Pokémon like Kyogre-Primal, Groudon-Primal, Necrozma-DM and Marshadow force it out pretty easily, and Marshadow can Pursuit trap a very weakened RocCeus too. Even as a 252/252 Calm Mind Arceus, it's usually outclassed by DarkCeus or FairyCeus, as they do the same job, but better as they can setup comparatively easily than RocCeus. Rayquaza-Mega can also run some common coverage moves like Earthqake and, on some Scarf sets, Surf too, and it's hit very hard by Life Orb Draco Meteor. RocCeus can be easily dispatched and is usually a one-time switchin to Rayquaza-Mega, as after they know that it's in your team, they can make some witty doubles and take advantage of the momentum drain.

In the Unicorns vs. Temp AGPL match (for reference: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen7anythinggoes-571180 don't mind the nicks), you'll be able to see how easily RocCeus was overwhelmed, that also by Ferrothorn, and couldn't keep itself healthy enough to face Rayquaza-M. Even though Temp sacked the Rayquaza-M, it could have had taken a kill every time it came in if he had prevented Stealth Rock and had predicted the Pursuit from Marshadow, whereas Tyranitar was able to revenge kill Uni's Rayquaza-M through Foul Play. Even though Uni was sacking the Ray-M to pave way for the FairyCeus to setup and sweep, the main point here is of the RocCeus. Without enough support, it can be trounced easily, whereas Tyranitar doesn't require that much of extensive support. Tyranitar + Kyogre-Primal, Tyranitar + Skarmory + Chansey, Tyranitar + Groudon-Primal, the possibilities are actually a lot.

I hope I've now made it clear why Arceus-Rock is used less than Tyranitar.
(And about the Alchemist part, they aren't such a good player, have played them a few times and personally I feel that they wouldn't fall in even the Top 15 players right now. The ladder isn't a true representation of the "best" players, try to keep that in mind, the USUM ladder is pretty dead right now. Peace)
:00000000 That's like an whole article on Arceus-Rock in USUM AG lmfao. I'm not in the mood to type rn so I'll post on your wall, I have a lot to say. x)
And yes, I agree with you that RocCeus isn't really that viable and is outclassed by Arc-F and Ttar. I realised that after more battles using it.
This is low ladder so I'm just commenting it, but Gengar-Mega just 6-0'd a team in USUM Ubers. x)
Fwiw 2.B.A.M is a rando ladder dude who almost peaked with Sash Ho-oh, making it a common sight on the ladder.
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Bunch of my replays

That's it for now will look for more ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

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Nat dex UU battle. Pride from opponent, bit of salt and stupidity from me
nat dex uu battles arent very common and am quite satisfied with this. Its kinda low ladder but thats cuz getting battles r somewhat challenging with my timezone and that its an unpopular format.
successfully outplayed X
opponent eventually quit after being stalled and played by regenerator spam.
remotely entertaining match of not nat dex ag.
Decently entertaining metronome battle.

Will share more when i find 'em

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@Sixer I edited out the first link, which was invalid. The new first link should work fine for everyone.
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The Partially Pathetic Painful Panicky ~Polaris~ Thread
(its slightly bad it hurts a bit and nobody knows whats going on. my smol thread in a nutshell. enjoy!)

Last PPPPPT Update: 10/06/2021 (3 Replays)
Hope you enjoyed, have a nice day uwu

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This is below 1300 ELO (1200 and something) so i can't post it on my answer. i still want people to see it though because i like it lol. i present: Spin To Win!


(I hope this is allowed lol)
Edit in the new replays instead of commenting.
@Frozen they aren't 1300 ELO so technically they're not allowed on my answer. it's just so people can see (because they're my favourite replays)
@AstroBirb you can post the FFA replay in your answer as it's a friendly, so it can't have a rating.
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"Please add a warning if people use harsh language in the chat during your replay."

Can you please add a warning since the second replay has some harsh language?
Didn't even notice that. Oops lemme change it
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You may not include replays in your answer that are rated below 1300 points.