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Ok here is my first two.

[email protected]

Nature: Timid
Role: Sweeper
Ability:Victory Star

Flame-burst:STAB hurts both opponents(I was considering searing shot but Darkrai isn't bulky enough)
Psychic: STAB
Thunder: Coverage + Darkrai's Ice beam=BOLT BEAM coverage it is also good for destroy Kyogre
Shadow-ball: Coverage

[email protected] sash

Nature: Timid
Role: Sleep Sweeper
Ability: Bad Dreams

Dark-void: Perfect acc thanks to Victini
Dream-eater: Healing
Dark-pulse: STAB
Ice-beam: Coverage

These Pokemon are a great pair Victini's Coverage paired with Darkrai's Coverage and Sleep are an amazing pair.

[email protected]

Nature: Timid
Role: Bulky Sweeper
Ability: Drizzle

Water-spout: Hits all enemies in one strong move
Thunder: Coverage
Ice-beam: Coverage
Thunder-wave: A nice little surprise for Mewtwo

[email protected] balloon

Nature: Jolly
Role: Bulky Sweeper
Ability: Terravoltage

Bolt-strike: STAB
Hone-Claws: +attack and Acc for Bolt-strike
Dragon-claw: Reliable stab
Stone-edge: Coverage

Another Bolt beam combo duo with amazing coverage and Power.

[email protected] berry

Nature: Jolly
Role: Sweeper
Ability: Air lock

Dragon-Claw: STAB
Crunch: Coverage
Extreme speed: Priority
Brick-break: Coverage

Deoxysis(attack form)@Focus sash

Nature: Jolly
Role: Sweeper
Ability: Pressure

Ice punch: Coverage
Fire punch: Coverage
Thunder punch: Coverage
Brick-Break: Coverage

The last 2 were basically just last chance Pokemon to sweep away whatever is left. Please any suggestions are helpful.

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i prefer normal form if I want to go heavy on the attack. normal just has a bit better defenses. (deoxys)
In uber Nothing with base defenses below 70 is going to survive a hit.

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Great Teams! A couple of suggestions...
If Victini is first and you don't have Drizzle up, I'd use Thunderbolt instead of Thunder.
The problem is, you basically have all sweepers.
You need a wall of some kind, or at least a Tank.
Try to keep that in mind, although I think this is a pretty good team!

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