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Help with my team (it stinks).

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Here's my team:
Lucario (M) @ fist plate
Ability: Steadfast
Nature and EVs are unknown
Extreme Speed- attacks first
Aura Sphere- never misses
Close Combat- STAB
Dragon Pulse- Coverage (at least that's what my friend told me)

Blissey (F) @ Toxic orb
Ability: Serene grace
Nature and EVs are unknown
Egg bomb- STAB
Fling- Poisons with toxic orb
Double Edge- STAB (I don't know why)
Flamethrower- coverage

Dragonite (M) @ lum berry
Ability: inner focus
Nature an EVs are unknown
Draco Meoteor- extreme STAB
Waterfall- coverage
Outrage- murders with lum berry
Hyper Beam- (you know why)

Staraptor (F) @ sky plate
Ability: intimidate
Nature and EVs are unknown
Aerial ace- Never misses
Brave bird- STAB
Close Combat- coverage

Raiku @ zap plate
Ability: pressure
Nature and EVs are unknown
Discharge- STAB
Extrassenary- coverage
Thunder- STAB
Thunder fang- STAB

Hitmonchan (M) @ fist plate
Ability: inner focus
Nature and EVs are unknown
Fire punch- coverage
Thunder punch- coverage
Ice punch- coverage
Sky uppercut- STAB
I play soulsilver and have no TMs and please don't include egg moves unless nesscasaery (I have all the HMs).

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is this for in game or over wifi?
Game and wifi.
You are missing natures - and if you don´t know EVs, stats should do the job. Also, fill the abilities.
I can't tell you the Stats or nature right now, I don't have access to my game. :(
I will give you the stats ASAP.
I just realized something. You said your Blissey is male, but you can only get female Blissey. Is it hacked or is it just a typo?
Oops, thanks for pointing that out also I need to change raiku, it's genderless.
staraptor has 2 mayin flyins rakio two many electires just constutivecritesisim

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Okay, your main problem is that you need a better variety! I mean, you have two fighting types, one pokemon with three electric moves, and one pokemon with three flying moves. If you have no TM's, then that cuts back on the amount of attacks you can use by a lot. I guess we should start with Lucario. Extreme Speed isn't bad I guess for the killing blow. Aura Sphere is fine like it is. Close Combat could be changed to Dark Pulse to get rid of those pesky psychic types and because you already have Aura Sphere as a STAB. Dragon Pulse isn't necessary since you already have a dragon type and I would replace it with Calm Mind to up the power of Aura Sphere and Dark Pulse. Next is Blissey. Personally, I'd replace Blissey with a fire type, but whatever floats your boat. I'd replace Egg Bomb with Softboiled to heal yourself after using Double Edge and because Egg Bomb has bad accuracy. Fling isn't bad since it poisons the target with Toxic Orb. Double Edge is a pretty good attack, and it's a STAB, so it's fine. Flamethrower has good coverage, so that's fine also. Next up is Dragonite. I'd replace Draco Meteor with Fire Punch to get rid of that 4x ice weakness of yours and because you already have outrage. Keep Waterfall for coverage. Outrage is good for the STAB. I think it's your choice if you want to keep Hyper Beam or not. If not, then I'd go with Ice Punch for coverage. Now it's Staraptor's turn. Replace Aerial Ace with Take Down since you already have flying-type moves. I think you should keep either Brave Bird or Fly for a good STAB and replace the other with Heat Wave to get rid of those annoying ice types. Keep Close Combat to deal with those rock types. Raikou's up now. Discharge is a good STAB because of it's power and accuracy. Extrasensory is good for coverage. Get rid of Thunder and Thunder Fang. Thunder has horrible accuracy and Thunder Fang is not as strong as discharge. Replace them with Crunch and Calm Mind. Crunch because it will help with coverage and Calm Mind to boost your special attack. Last but not least is Hitmonchan! I would definitely replace Hitmonchan with a Roserade who had Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Sludge Bomb, and Toxic, because you already have a fighting type and you don't even have any grass type moves. Giga Drain for a STAB and to heal, Leech Seed to slowly help heal, Sludge Bomb for STAB once again, and Toxic to kill the target slowly. I hope I helped and tell me how it works out! ~atode!~ ('later!' In Japanese.)

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If I may, could you tell me which fire type to use and I do have some tms now that I found my other game.
I think Arcanine would be a good fire-type because of it's high stats. Here is a link that I think would help you on choosing moves- http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/17110/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-arcanine
Thanks, I probably will use him.
Who tutors heatwave? (staraptor)
In the Frontier Front, you will find a house with three move-tutors. The charge for the tutoring is in Battle Points earned through the Battle Frontier. The bottom-right man teaches Heatwave.
How many bp? And I have a gen V I just used guys from genIV
48 bp for Heatwave.
Okay, I meant that I am taking them to genV but I have soulsilver