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I'm getting better at roles, but . . . . . .

Musharna (M) @ Leftovers
Role: Special Tank
Bold Nature
Trait: Forewarn
Energy Ball
Shadow Ball
Dream Eater

Espeon (M) @ Mind Plate
Role: Special Sweeper
Modest Nature
Trait: Synchronize
Shadow Ball
Signal Beam
Calm Mind

Metagross (X) @ Earth Plate
Role: Wall/Tank
Adamant Nature
Trait: Clear Body
Meteor Mash
Bullet Punch
Zen Headbutt

Sigilyph (M) @ Life Orb
Role: Special Sweeper
Timid Nature
Trait: Magic Guard
Ice Beam
Aerial Ace

Beheeyem (M) @ ???
Role: Special Tank
Timid Nature
Trait: Synchronize
Nasty Plot

Reuniclus (M) @ Choice Scarf
Role: Special Tank
Mild Nature
Trait: Overcoat
Pain Split
Light Screen
Energy Ball

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Still need EVs. Having something like Adamant (+Atk, -SAtk) would be helpful. Reniclus only has 3 moves.
Choice Scarf doesn´t work very well with Light Screen on Reuniclus...
yea... got alot of errors here... ill do ya a favor and answer
well, nevermind i can't... sorry broh

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I'll try to answer.... so here we go.
This guy is okay, except that Forewarn is kind of useless, IMO. I'm not sure if you think that, but.... I would go with Synchronize. It's way more useful to have. Many people will try to parahax you or burn you or something.
I see that you are missing EVs, so here are the EVs I recommend: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD.
Your moves are okay, except that I would have Calm Mind over Energy Ball. While the foe is asleep, you can raise your special attack and special defense up. Then attack with Dream Eater or Shadow Ball.
Espeon is great for setting up dual screens. It's also great with bouncing back rocks and spikes. That's why this moveset is better than being a Special Sweeper.Here is the moveset:
Espeon @ Light Clay / Trait: Magic Bounce / EVs: 252 HP , 252 Speed, 4 Special Attack / Timid Nature (+Spe, -Atk)
- Light screen
- Reflect
- Psychic
- Hidden Power [Fire]

This is a very good set for Espeon. Light Screen and Reflect is great paired up with Light Clay. Psychic is for your STAB, and HP [Fire] is for some coverage.
Good Metagross, except that the item I would suggest is Choice Band. It makes it very powerful. Other than that, good Metagross. Oh yeah, EVs. Here would be the EVs I suggest: 252 Attack / 252 HP / 252 Defense. Or this EV set: 252 Defense / 252 HP / 4 Attack. I'm not sure which is better, you can try both out :)
Sigilyph would be very good as a staller, IMO. I use this Sigilyph, and it works great for me:
Sigilyph @ Flame/Toxic Orb / Trait: Magic Guard / EVs: 252 HP , 252 Special Attack , 4 Def / Timid Nature (+Spe, -Atk)
- Cosmic Power
- Psycho Shift
- Roost
- Stored Power

This is a good stall set. When Toxic or Flame Orb activates, you can use Psycho Shift to transfer it to the opponent. Magic Guard prevents you from getting damage done form the orbs. Roost is to heal. Cosmic Power is to boost your defenses up. Stored Power is very powerful from the stat boosts.
I see that you are missing an item... so I would go with Leftovers. Beheeyem is not good without Trick Room, by the way. So here are the moves I recommend for it: Trick Room, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot/Hidden Power [Fighting]. Trick Room to get faster. Psychic is for STAB. Thunderbolt for hitting good water types and other Pokemon. Nasty Plot is if you want to risk getting +SpA. or HP Fight for coverage.
I would go with there EVs: 252 Special Attack / 252 HP / 4 Defense. Also I would go with Modest Nature. By the way, since you are running Trick Room, I would have 0 Speed IVs.
Don't go with Choice Scarf. Go with Leftovers or Life Orb. Lefties for healing or Life Orb for higher damage. Bold or Modest Nature. I would suggest there moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Focus Blast, Recover. I would never have Pain Split if you can have Recover :P Calm Mind to get ready for your Attacks. 252 Special Attack / 128 HP / 128 Defense. Go with Magic Coat as your ability.
That's one decent moveset. You can also try this Smogon moveset, which runs Trick Room:
Reuniclus @ Life Orb
Trait: Magic Guard
EVs: 192 HP / 64 Def / 252 SpA
IVs: 0 Speed
Quiet Nature (+SpA, -Spe)
- Trick Room
- Psychic / Psyshock
- Focus Blast
- Shadow Ball
That was my answer. I hope you liked it!

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252 HP is always better in situations like that @ Musharna ( run 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4SpD  )
ok, thanks. im not a very big fan of musharna >_>
It's better than your last answer :p
lol thanks :D