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Swampert (Riptide)@None
Role: Mixed Tank
Stats:169 Hp 167 Attack 114 Defence 91 Spc.Attack 104 Spc.Defense 86 speed

          Bulldoze-(Going to switch with Earthquake)
          Avalanche-Coverage,Takes Advantage of lower speed.
          Surf-Just For Normal Use,Going to replace with Waterfall
          Brick Break-Coverage(Also used to defeat the Elite Four Member who used Dark types)

Zweilous(Aster)@None(I got Him as a level 38 Deino,so he has low stats)
Role:Physical Sweeper,Soon to be special sweeper.
Stats:148 Hp 96 Attack 103 Defence 93 Spc.Atk 72 Spc. Def 74 Speed

                   Crunch-STAB+ Chance to flinch.
                   Body Slam-Current move,Hasn't been replaced
                   Dragon Rush-Physical,STAB.
                   Work Up-(Hasn't been replaced)

Role:Physical Sweeper
Stats:145 Hp 156 Attack 89 Defence 134 Spc.Attack 87 SPc.Def 96 Speed

           Bulk Up-Quick Boost
           Aerial Ace-Coverage,Infi Hit chance.
           Brave Bird-Not sure whether to keep this or Aerial Ace
           Blaze Kick-Duh , Blaziken's Physical Fire move

Haxorus(Ninja Bite)@Dragon Fang
Role:Physical Sweeper
Trait:Mold Breaker
Stats:157 Hp 211 Atk 120 Def 83 Spc.Atk 93 Spc.def 143 speed

                Dragon Dance-Ups that Sweeping Power
                Brick Break-Covers Ice,Dark,Steel,Rock , And Ground
                Shadow Claw-Coverage
                Dragon Claw-STAB
Im going to add the rest of the team in a sec i want to make sure my Window doesn't crash.

Role:Physical Tank
Stats:137 Hp 132 Atk 183 def 65 Spc.atk 63 SPc.Def 81 Speed

                 Earthquake-:P Every Aggron Needs Earthquake
                 Brick Break-Coverage,Just Incase
                 Iron Head-STAB,Chance to flinch and Good Power.
                 Aerial Ace-Coverage,Infi Hit, Just in case

Torterra(Torterra)@Amulet Coin
Role:Mixed Tank
Stats:174 Hp 130 atk 121 Def 101 spc attak 116 Special defense 73 speed

            Curse-Makes Him Stronger.Plus Makes Him Faster If going up against a trick room team.
            Earthquake-:P STAB plus Awesomeness
            Crunch-Coverage,Flinch Chance
            Wood Hammer-STAB,Good Power.Helps Activate Overgrow.

And that's my team.I Call it Muscle Breaker.:P
I want Items,Movesets And other suggeswtions are appreciated. I also have two More Pokemon I could Switch In

Role:Mixed Sweeper
Stats: HP:171 Defence:134 Special Attack:115 Sp.Def:108 Speed:115

                     Dragon Breath-Going to Replace I dont Know what though.
                     Flash Cannon-Covers Ice Weakness,Rock,and ground Weakness.
                     Zen HeadButt-Came with him. Haven't Found Anything to replace it with.
                     Fusion Bolt-It's His Signature Move,really strong,STAB,and pretty reliable.

Zoroark(Zoroark,Whom is about ten levels under the rest of my team)@Exp.Share
Role:Special Sweeper
Stats: Hp:112 Atk:107 Def:58 Spc.Attack:114 SpcDef:61 Speed:107

               Agility-Ups The Speed
               Night Slash-STAB,and Higher Crit Chance
               Dig-Current move.Haven't decided what to replace it with
               Shadow Ball-A Little Extra Coverage
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Also,Im not Switching Out Swampert,Blaziken ,or Haxorus.NOT!!!They be mah Baybes
Nor Zweilous. Im a Dragon guy what can i say?
If you don't post stats or Ev's then you will be hidden.

You know the rules Ike.
Pokemaster Said If we don't Know Ev's We can post the roles instead.
Ill post stats Ok
Why was it voted down? I did everything required....

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Okay, I'll answer this for you.


  • Waterfall ( This provides physical STAB, his Sp Atk is horrible thanks to Adamant )
  • Earthquake ( More STAB, and its hard hitting Covers 5 types )
  • Avalance ( Is nice for great Coverage, we can keep it )
  • Hammer Arm ( Replace for Brick Break, This supports Avalance, making you slower )

Okay, so we have Swampert Covered, He's kind of Bulky, which can work well, Let his Held Item be Leftovers.


Needs to Go, he can be a part of another team, but with Haxorus already on this team, well you really don't need two dragons, and he has an easy replacement


  • Dark Pulse ( Special STAB )
  • Nasty Plot ( Sky rockets his Special Attack )
  • Flamethrower ( Covers bug and makes him a great lead )
  • Focus Blast / Grass Knot / HP ( If you have a strong hidden power, go with that )

Prefered Item would be Life Orb to make him hit slightly harder, While other good Choices are leftovers and Wise Glasses.


Without Speed boost, this guy gets his butt whooped in the speed department, on top of the fact, that guess what! He's a brave nature, that lowers his speed even More.

I suggest replacing him with....


  • Nasty Plot ( Keep him at chimchar until lv 23 I think, Special Attack boost )
  • Flamethrower ( STAB and Powerful )
  • Focus Blast ( Its pretty ballsy using a low accuracy move, but it works well )
  • HP Grass or Grass Knot ( Hp Grass is good, but if you get good nature Etc without it, Knot )

Nature - Timid
Item - Life orb, Wise glasses, Expert Belt, or Focus Sash
Ev's - 252 Sp Atk 252 Spd 4 Hp

He plays a special Role, which your team is lacking, while still having that Fire power in him that Blaziken had, but he's super fast and kicks butt!


  • Dragon Dance ( To get your Sweeping ready )
  • Dragon Claw ( STAB )
  • Earthquake ( Mold Breaker helps this ALOT and Great Coverage )
  • Brick Break / Rock Slide ( Takes care of Ice types, brick break is more reliable )

Item - Life orb, Muscle Band, Leftovers , Or Expert Belt

He plays the role of the Physical Sweeping Dragon, Sweeping across other teams :D


I hate to tell you to replace him, but you need to, for....


  • Spikes ( Sets up Hazards )
  • Stealth Rock ( More hazards )
  • Whirlwind ( To Phaze your opponent )
  • **Brave Bird ( Incase you get taunted )

Item - Leftovers
Nature - Impish
Ev's - 252 Sp Def 160 Hp 40 Atk 44 Def
Role - Phazer

Its pretty simple how to use him.


  • Wood Hammer ( If you don't mind recoil, then keep it, Otherwise, Go Seed Bomb )
  • Earthquake ( STAB and Covers 5 Types )
  • Curse ( Stats )
  • Stone Edge ( Covers Ice and Flying )

Item - Muscle Band, Expert Belt, or Leftovers

And there's your team, hope you enjoy using it. :D

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Im just Saying i Dont have skaromory,My Infernape isnt timid and its low leveled,And i think ill keep Zweilous.Thanks though. Ill do whatever i can other than that.
Its called breeding a new one, and You can ask around for other people to give you a skarmory, which you can breed, best way to get good pokemon, is normally to breed new ones.
Blaziken has to have blaze,since Speed Boost is his Dream World Ability.
Which is why he needs to get rid of him, A Brave ( Lower speed ) Blaziken without Speed boost can't outspeed pretty much any average sweeper, even a Jolly Bisharp outspeeds it! Whereas Infernape is much faster, and can give him the special power he needs in his team.
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You should level up Zekrom so it can learn dragon claw so you can replace dragonbreath. Ground isnt weak against steel, so you should get a water move,or a fighting move for krookodile. Crunch also lowers defense,not flinch. Bite flinches. You should try to get a fighting or steel type move to replace Crunch or Curse. Zoroark should replace Dig with Facade after it gets to the level you want it to be. Also give it the Flame Orb once it learns Facade. Try to teach Aggron Heavy Slam once it can. I think All others are good.

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