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Well hi Im going to put my Ubers team in Showdown:


Moves:Sacred Fire,Punishment,Roost,Brave Bird
Evs:Attack 252,Deffense 252,Special Attack 4


Evs:Special Attack 252,Attack 252,Speed 4


Moves:Icebeam,Aqua Ring,Hydro Pump,Hidden Power(Ground)
Evs:Attack 252,Special Attack 252,Speed 4


Moves:Earth Power,Psychic,Recover,Aerial Ace
Evs:Attack 252, Deffense 252,Speed 4


Moves:Aura Sphere,Crunch,Thunderbolt,Hidden Power(Water)
Evs:Attack 252,Deffense 252


Moves:Swords Dance,Zapcannon,Aura Sphere,Dark Pulse
Evs:Attack 252,Deffense 252,Special Attack 4

Thnx for Rating My Team(I hoped you liked it ;D)

Meow ◕‿‿­­­­◕ -Extellarium ;D

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ho oh just fine
lugia fine
suicune fine
celibi fine
riuko fine execpt hidden powerreplace with ice fang for ground
mew fine except sowrds dance replace with calm mind
pretty impresive
Mew needs + special for this moveset, not + attack. replace swords dance with calm mind for bulk and sweeping abilities
Wow, nice team. Oh, Ex you made it? Cool!
too much serious nature
celebi can't have pressure ability celebi just have natural cure ability

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Yea... to much Mixed attacking here and Serious nature is useless as it ups nothing.

Ho-Oh actually has good overall offensive stats but i will suggest a tank. What he REALLY HAS is SpD and a base 154 stat of it. If that isn't high, than go take sum reading glasses and visit the eye doctor and read the number again.

Ho-OH GOD! (Ho-Oh) @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Trait: The obvious... Pressure to sap pp
248 HP / 176 Atk / 84 SpD
Sacred Fire (50% burn chance is not even funny)
Brave Bird
Substitute (When those SpA people just can't keep up with that Huge SpD.
Recover (Stealth Rock won't bother me no moar!)

Yea, so this Ho-Oh set can work wonders!

Woah, Lugia serves as something better than a Mixed Attacker. It serves as a Wall. It has HUGE Defensive stats he is like unbeatable. The thing is Lugia only has 90 in each of his offensive stats so he wouldn't make a good sweeper.

Loogie yuh (Lugia) @ Leftovers
Trait: The obvious again... Pressure to sap pp
Nature: Impish
252 HP / 176 Def / 80 SpD
Ice Beam

Though Lugia has horrible SpA, it needs atleast 1 attack so taunt wobbufet doesn't screw it completely.

Electric is a large weakness so i will suggest a pokemon that can atleast take out one pokemon i promise ;)

At first glance, Wobbuffet seems to be horrible: its movepool literally consists of eight moves (0it gets splash lol), and all its stats but HP are horrendous. However, Wobbuffet has the ability Shadow Tag, which turns it into a serious threat. Wobbuffet's movepool also complements its ability perfectly, consisting of moves such as Encore, Mirror Coat, and Counter, allowing Wobbuffet to almost always guarantee a KO or a free setup for a teammate. Wobbuffet's stats are actually a bit of a blessing, as its enormous HP and bad defenses make Counter and Mirror Coat hit for tons of damage.

Nature: Calm
Trait: The Obvious... Shadow Tag
28 HP / 228 Def / 252 SpD
Mirror Coat

i have this set and i luuuuuv it! Though taunt would easily take it down into struggle, this is the only possible "working" set for 'ol Wobba

Well, now that we have 3 pokemon that don't even attack, here comes the sweepers!

You made a mixed sweeper yet again -_- Celebi fits better in OU... Rayquaza will give you the role of a superior weather negater that can sweep also! Base 150 offensive stats is so high i literally fainted at the sight of this guy. With the help of Wobbuffet, You can easily set up dragon Dance and then begin the sweep fest! The problem is, Rock is super effective to 3 pokemon now so prepare for a new pokemon suggestion for your next slot!

Massacre (Rayquaza) @ Life Orb
Jolly Nature
Trait: The only possible... Air Lock
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Dragon Dance
Outrage / Dragon Claw
Extreme Speed

After Wobba encores a useless move after 1 use such as Aromatherapy on Blissey , Switching into Rayquaza would be a good idea.

To cover dat Electric weakness, Raikou could just switch in on an electric attack with Volt Absorb and restore hp. Good thinking! The sad thing is... Raikou is in the UU tier, making him less optional for the team. There is, however Jolteon in the OU tier but he wouldn't stand a chance in ubers either! So, now, we must look at our only option: a ground type; Arceus ground that is. If you decide you can;t send out Rayquaza after wobba is done, use this guy!

God (Arceus) @ Ground Plate
Trait: Multitype
Jolly nature
252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Spe
Stone Edge
Swords Dance

yay! Edgequake combo in dah HOUSE! just 1 swords dance and (I think) you go to a monstrous 744 attack! As i said before, Electric and Rock is no longer feared because of Arceus.

okay, what we really need right now is a special attacker and we have a water weakness T.T so lets see um... counters foe water in uber... How about a mixed attacker? In this case, we can have a mixed attacker worthy of its role.

Electro Death (Zekrom) @ Life Orb
Trait: Teravolt
Lonely Nature (i know, losing Def is bad, but what is a mixed attacker without good attack?)
104 HP / 148 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 Spe
Bolt Strike
Draco Meteor
Dragon Claw
Focus Blast

well, gee. 3 Pokemon have an ice weakness, no 4!! This is bad! What can we do? FOCUS BLAST EM ALL MUAHHAHAHHAHAHAH

I really do hope this helps i spent hours on this

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Why not just have a physical zekrom? bolt strike hits ridiculously hard with jolly nature 252attack 252 speed 4 SpD. Bolt strike outrage earthquake and fusion bolt choice scarf. Use fusion bolt if you are worried about missing. Bolt strike if I remember right can OHKO kyogre and should be able to take palkia. Outrage also hits ridiculously hard. Just don't make zekrom mixed. He is to good of a physical attacker but that is just my opinion.
Holy cow a mixed non choiced Zekrom
Were you thinking right when writing this ;) rest is good