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Here it is,

[email protected] bell [lonely]
earthquake, surf, ice punch, iron tail
My physical sweeper and my lead

[email protected] [hasty]
thunder, thunder bolt, iron tail, charge

mostly a special sweeper with a physical attack

[email protected] [adamant]
clear body
meteor mash, iron defense, psychic, earthquake

My physical tank

[email protected] [mild]
dragon claw, flamethrower, aerial ace, earthquake

my mixed sweeper

[email protected] band [adamant]
thick fat
swords dance,slash , bite, earthquake

A physical pokemon

[email protected] [adamant]
earthquake, toxic, dragon dance , double edge

My special wall/bulky water and physical sweeper with toxic

This team is made only from pokemon Emerald as it is the only game i have. I am also new to creating teams.

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Trachy, i am trying to go for no ubers, except latios.
Latios isn't Uber
I never said go with Ubers, I was just saying a time in which the use of Thunder would be acceptable.
And Hex is right. Latios is only an Uber when used in DW with Soul Dew.
sorry, i forgot about latios not being Uber. can anyone suggest a better moveset for gyarados. Note: i am keeping earthquake and dragon dance
Why do you have both Swampert and Gyarados in the same team? Go for a type variation man.
If you are going to keep Gyarados here's my moveset:
[email protected] Berry
EV: 128 Att 252 Sp Att 128 Spe
Dragon Dance
Hydro Pump
Thunder/Fire Blast
It works ; )

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