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Please rate my team. I don't have a tier

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Here it is,

Swampert@shell bell [lonely]
earthquake, surf, ice punch, iron tail
My physical sweeper and my lead

Menectric@magnet [hasty]
thunder, thunder bolt, iron tail, charge

mostly a special sweeper with a physical attack

Metagross@leftovers [adamant]
clear body
meteor mash, iron defense, psychic, earthquake

My physical tank

Salamance@charcoal [mild]
dragon claw, flamethrower, aerial ace, earthquake

my mixed sweeper

Absol@focus band [adamant]
thick fat
swords dance,slash , bite, earthquake

A physical pokemon

Gyarados@leftovers [adamant]
earthquake, toxic, dragon dance , double edge

My special wall/bulky water and physical sweeper with toxic

This team is made only from pokemon Emerald as it is the only game i have. I am also new to creating teams.

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EVs are not obligated if he has roles.
Its kind of hard to read your team in the format that they are in now, consider spacing your pokes outmore.
I don't mean offense but I say scrap the team. It has a double weakness to electric. You have bad items, never use the 10% boosts. Metagross isn't getting up from a dark pulse. Any grass type HP will kill Swampart.   

This Pokemon will murder you.
Dragon claw
Dark pulse
HP Grass

I believe you need a new set of pokes.
Now to see if we can ever find a Tyranitar using that moveset...
It looks pretty good to me
Fly is horrible on Salamence and why having two Electric types on Manectric?
fly gets STAB on Salamence and the two electrics are thunder which is my less accurate more power and thunderbolt which is more accurate and less power. both get STAB on menectric
But someone can switch in on Fly. Aerial Ace would be much better.

P.S. Why did you change it back?? I put it like that so it was easier to read.
UP is right.
BTW, Thunder is only good in Rain teams.
what should i replace thunder with?
Well, Rain and Ubers. Ubers because Kyogre is used all the time.
Trachy, i am trying to go for no ubers, except latios.
Latios isn't Uber
I never said go with Ubers, I was just saying a time in which the use of Thunder would be acceptable.
And Hex is right. Latios is only an Uber when used in DW with Soul Dew.
sorry, i forgot about latios not being Uber. can anyone suggest a better moveset for gyarados. Note: i am keeping earthquake and dragon dance
Why do you have both Swampert and Gyarados in the same team? Go for a type variation man.
If you are going to keep Gyarados here's my moveset:
Gyarados@Salac Berry
EV: 128 Att 252 Sp Att 128 Spe
Dragon Dance
Hydro Pump
Thunder/Fire Blast
It works ; )

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