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Sand Team

[email protected] Sash
Trait Sand Stream
Evs 252 Attack, 252 HP, 4 Defense
Adamant Nature
-Stealth Rock

Sashtar Really? Doesn't it have sick bulk? There is just three words to explain it, Crits and Fighting Moves. The Ev spread gives it Hard Power and Good Bulk. This set is unexpected, but by no means bad. Most Leads go down with this set. Ferrothorn? Superpower. Forretress? Heatran. Politoed? The combination of Crunch+Pursuit and the whole team. Ninetails? Crunch. Tyranitar? Superpower. Abomasnow? Superpower. The surprise factor is SO awesome because Fire Blast weak pokemon will switch out fearing Fire Blast and some Pursuit weak pokemon will switch out thinking I do not have Pursuit. And Stealth Rock is just a great move to have.

[email protected] Balloon
Trait Sand Rush
Evs 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Adamant Nature
-Rock Slide
-Swords Dance

Yep, its Excadrill. The mad late-game sweeper that gets 2-3 KOs Every Match. Standard set nothing special at all. Return seems weird, but at +4 Gliscor gets KOed by Return. (Meanwhile if Excadrill hits +4 the game is over) Return also hits Rotom-W for good damage. Earthquake and Rock Slide form The EdgeQuake Combination which hits many pokemon for neutral or Super Effective Damage. Swords Dance helps it boost its attack to crazy levels. Adamant over Jolly to hit Physical Walls harder and because jolly just speed ties with other Jolly Excadrill. Excadrill does have trouble with physical walls, but my special sweeepers take them on well.

[email protected]
92 HP, 164 Special Attack, 252 Speed
Trait Levitate
Timid Nature
-Dragon Pulse
-Calm Mind

I hate the Choice Specs and Refresh Latias sets. They just stink. I needed a Bulky Tank which could hit hard and take hits well. Again, Like Tyranitar, this set is unique. 164 makes Latias OHKO Terrakion at +1 and Keldeo too. Max Speed to outspeed some threats at 120 speed. Dragon Pulse over Draco Meteor because with Calm Mind and Substitute Latias will not be switching very much. Psyshock annoys Blissey 2HKOing it and Chansey too. Only one of my two special sweepers so it needs to do its job well. Calm Mind makes it Dominate with crazy special attack and Substitute blocks Status and works great with Calm Mind.

[email protected] Orb
Trait Technician
Evs 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense
Adamant Nature
-Mach Punch
-Bullet Seed
-Swords Dance

Techiloom is a monster. With Mach Punch and Bullet Seed, two moves boosted by Technician, it becomes a great sweeper. Spore+Swords Dance is so messed up like really a move that puts the opponent asleep 100% of the time and a move that increases your attack by 50%. Mach Punch gets Stab Technician boost and has Proirity. Bullet Seed breaks subs and gets the Technician boost on Every Hit and Has Stab. Adamant again because Jolly Breloom outspeeds barely any big threats because of its terrible speed. Breloom is awesome because of all the threats it can put asleep.

[email protected] Scarf
Trait Flash Fire
Evs 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense
Modest Nature
-Earth Power
-Dragon Pulse

Every team needs a Scarfer and Heatran is mine. It is meant to Sweep and Tank some hard hits for the team. I use Overheat over Fire Blast for the accuracy and Dragon Pulse over Hidden Power Ice to hit Latios, Latias, and Hydregion harder. Modest because with a Scarf its speed is already really high. Heatran works great with Latias and provides the team with a Scizor Counter. It also takes on Steels and Ices which allows my dual dragons to sweep. Earth Power destroys other non-Air Balloon Heatran. While Flamethrower cleans up late-game. Heatran should come out right before excadrill to take away some annoying physical walls or Excadrill can take out Blissey before a Heatran sweep.

[email protected] Berry
Trait Sand Veil
Evs 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Jolly Nature
-Swords Dance

Garchomp, Yes Garchomp. He comes in Early Game and Wrecks Havoc. I just try to get some Swords Dances up and put huge damage or KOs on the opponents pokemon with Earthquake and Outrage. Jolly over Adamant because Garchomp is quite slow at only 102 Base speed. Substitute allow setting up Swords Dance easier and Blocks Status such as Burn and Sleep which are very annoying. This is a standard set with no twists at all. Lum Berry because sometime it is fun to switch into Breloom or Blissey to annoy it and KO them.

This is my sand team can you improve it.

I know you say it's Tierless but it looks like a Ubers team to me.
I know because of excadrill.
ill answer this, but I wont be able to post it until later in the week, is that OK?
Ok, thanks
Turns out I had more time than I thought, and I was able to answer now.

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I don't have to much experience with sand, but I'll try.

I like your set, but IMO, it is outclassed by this set from smogon:

Tyranitar - physical sweeper - Lum berry
EVs: 252 atk, 252 speed, 4 HP
Nature: jolly
Ability: sand stream
Dragon dance (description below)
Crunch (^^)
Stone edge (^^)
Fire punch/aqua tail/ice punch (^^)

Merely the fact that Tyranitar had Dragon Dance in its repertoire allowed it to see some use last generation. However, with the advent of Black and White, it is much less common, which is perhaps, if anything, a boon to this set, making it more unpredictable. Dragon Dance resolves the problem of Tyranitar's middling Speed, allowing it to outspeed a variety of threats including Starmie and Latios after a boost. From there, the bonus to Attack is all but overkill; many teams just may struggle to find an answer to +1/+1 Tyranitar. The two STAB moves are obvious choices, but the last moveslot contains a variety of options. Fire Punch allows Tyranitar to nail Ferrothorn and Scizor. Scizor should be hit while it attempts to switch in, however, as it could otherwise pose a threat with Bullet Punch. Aqua Tail grants you a reliable way of touching Tyranitar, Gliscor, and Hippowdon, while Ice Punch delivers a much more commendable dent to Landorus and Gliscor.

Excadrill looks great except for return, which I would replace for rapid spin, to spin away hazards and such. Also, your sand rush + adamant thing is great, but my personal preference is sand force + jolly, as he is already wicked fast.

I like your Latias set, but 164 might not OHKO terrakion due to the fact that his special defense is boosted by sand, however, with pays hock it just might. I would try this set, which is a wall breaker/sweeper set, and puts blissey on its death bed:

Latias - wallbreaker/sweeper - choice scarf
EVs: 252 sp. def, 252 sp. atk, 4 spd
Nature: timid
Ability: levitate
Trick (gives your opponent a scarf, locking them into the same move, shuts down walls and tanks such as blissey)
Calm mind (allows him to boost  stats while your opponent switches to something that isn't scarfed)
Dragon pulse (STAB)
Psyshock (STAB, eliminates special walls)

Your breloom looks so great I actually cried tears of joy (not really). But it really is perfect, don't change it.

There are two options for heatran, if you want to keep the scarf then keep your current set, but if you want to try something a little different then use this special based annoyer/staller set from smogon:

heatran - staller - leftovers
EVs: 244 HP, 44 sp. def, 220 spd
Nature: calm
Ability: flame body
Torment (description below)
Protect (^^)
Lava plume (^^)
Substitute (^^)
This is the notorious Torment Heatran set that once upon a time made players rip their hair, gouge out their eyeballs, and jump out of a window as soon as they encountered it. The idea behind the set is that very few Pokemon carry more than one attack that can severely hurt Heatran, and by using Torment on them, said Pokemon must either switch out or stay in and engage in a long, brutal stall war. Pokemon who wield a Choice item are especially affected by Torment, for they must Struggle every other turn if they choose to stay in. Substitute and Protect allows Heatran to both scout and shield itself from moves that can harm it. Lava Plume is chosen so that Heatran can slowly chip away the opponent's health.

Garchomp looks great!

Hope I helped!