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Any suggestions for my random team?

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Got this by clicking "Random page" on bulbapedia and using their final form or an eviolite guy.

Boldore @Eviolite Lead staller
Brave nature
Ability Sand Force
Stone Edge
Stealth Rock
Iron Defense

Skarmory @Leftovers More stalling, bit more offensive.
Jolly nature
Ability Weak Armor
Swords Dance

Machamp @Choice Scarf Physical Sweeping
Jolly nature
Ability Guts
Cross Chop
Ice Punch
Fire Punch (This was just to fill in the last slot. I'm open for suggestions on this one.)

Fearow @Choice Band More Physical sweeping EDIT: I'm giving it a Razor Claw so it will have a higher chance of activating Sniper.
Adamant nature (I wanted a Jolly one, but this took me hours to find so I settled for this.)
Ability (Read above)
Drill Run
Drill Peck
Steel Wing

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Boldore: I like his set, also Explosion is an option instead of Iron Defense if you want to die in a big way.

Skarmory: Need to shift: if maybe Roost replaced. On one hand, Rotom is no longer a threat. On the other hand, now you have to deal with Rhyperior, Nidoking, and Krookidile. Metal Sound is an option, although you could just keep Roost. Swords Dance I would dump for Whirlwind, or maybe Automatize to go with either Spikes and SR or Weak Armor.

Machamp: I prefer this pair instead of Cross Chop and Fire Punch, although it's a bit predictable.
Give it No Guard.
Dynamic Punch: Confusion and Power!
Stone Edge: Same

Abuses No Guard. Dynamic Punch confuses them, and Stone Edge has that Critical Hit ratio. If you want, you could go with a Scope Lens and Cross Chop instead of Dynamic Punch, but I like this better. Also, try Thunder Punch instead of ice.

Fearow: Good

I'd use Hydreigon (obviously) and Milotic for my two.

Hydreigon @Choice Band
Adamant Nature/Jolly
Stone Edge

He sweeps and is done with it. Outrage can pretty much KO everything Milotic can't.

Milotic @Leftovers
Marvel Scale
Ice Beam
Aqua Ring

She walls you out. Surf + Ice Beam covers everything except Water itself.

This was really... random and I had a hard time choosing between Milotic and Torterra, but this came through.

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