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I plan to use the following team members:

[Lead Pokemon] [Technician]
[Leftovers] [252 HP/4 Attk/252 Spe]
~Fake Out/Knock Off
~Double Hit/Bounce
~U-Turn/Baton Pass

This Ambipom utilizes two different sets, one that is more defensive, and another that is more offensive.
With Fake Out, Double Hit, Taunt, and U-Turn, Ambipom can strike hard and fast, dealing Taunts that disable any
entry hazard users. U-Turn may let him scout.
The second set with Knock Off, Bounce, Substitute, and Baton Pass, utilizes Ambipom in more of a way defensive way. By Knocking Off the opponents item, it can be quite annoying and impair them. Bounce allows Ambipom to escape dangerous hits and hit them hard with a chance of paralysis. Substitute and Baton Pass will allow Ambipom to pass on Substitutes to sweepers, essentially giving them more time to set up.

[Physical Sweeper] [Sniper]
[Life Orb/Scope Lens] [252 Attk/4 Def/252 Spe]
~Swords Dance
~Crunch/Night Slash
~Aqua Tail/Ice Fang

Kinda cool Pkmn, No? I think he's one of my favorites :3. Anyhow, this monster can go with Swords Dance to get that nice +2 boost in Attack. Crunch is better off, if he's holdin' Life Orb. Night Slash if Scope Lens. I'm leaning 50/50 with both sides. Call me paranoid, but I HATE depending on weather,overall team boosts(Tailwind, Light Screen, etc.), and critical hit stuff. I mean, the chances are sorta great with his item and move, but....Crunch ensures great damage 100%. Earthquake, 'nuff said. Aqua Tail to kill Ground types. Ice Fang kills Ground, Flying, Dragon, and Grass. I mean Power(Aqua Tail) or Coverage(Ice Fang). I'm leaning a lil with coverage...

[Special Sweeper] [Cloud Nine]
[Life Orb] [4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe]
~Calm Mind
~Hydro Pump/Surf
~Ice Beam

I know, I know, now before you go leaughing at my lil Golduck, hear me out. Pure Water type has its advantages. With Cloud Nine, it stops those "weather dependent" teams. With Calm Mind and his Speed, he can sweep very well. He's not the best, but there are worse choices....
Calm Mind, very obvious. Hydro Pump or Surf, you know the deal. Ice Beam, Grass Coverage. Psychic is just for....coverage? Giggles? Idk...

[Special Wall] [Flash Fire]
[Leftovers] [252 HP/80 Def/176 SpD]

Simple, somewhat effective. Wish, will be on demand for sweepers. Protect, to reserve health. Flamethrower, STAB, small chance of burn LOL. Yawn, to impair sweepers :3. Pretty straightforward

[Physical Wall] [Levitate]
[Leftovers/Focus Sash] [252 HP/84 Attk/80 Def/92 SpD]
~Stealth Rocks
~Gyro Ball

Stealth Rocks, well...SOMEONE's gotta lay 'em. Explosion, to kill big annoying things. Gyro Ball....good amount of damage. Payback, works beautifully.

[Mid-Game Sweep] [Overgrow]
[Life Orb/Leftovers] [252 Attk/4 Def/252 Spe]
~Rock Polish
~Seed Bomb
~Stone Edge

Yup. This big [email protected]$$ is sweepin'. OH yea. The element of surprise? Definetly. With Rock Polish, he's not too shabby. With Seed Bomb, he'll do damage. With Earthquake, Fire Types go extinct. Stone Edge, Ice Types shatter.

My team, I think, is pretty nice in theory but it needs to be tested....Anyhow add comments and suggestions :)

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The set on ambipom is your choice, but i prefer the first, im more of an offensive ambipom guy.

Drapion is definetly better with crunch and life orb, because it powers up all moves, instead of critical hits. Crits are important, but you dont want to get greedy.

Golduck is great, use surf over hydro pump. those missed hydro pumps will count alot.

Flareon is also well, yawn, wish, switch to a sweeper could be very useful. Great set and ev spread.

For that bronzong, switch the evs to 40 atk, 104 def, 112 special def. Its a wall, and attacking isnt the main priority, and with explosion halving the defences this generation, it will pretty much ohko anything.

Torterra is excellent, if you can pass a sub to it and get a rock polish up, it can sweep really good. It is also severely weak to bronzong, but i guess you can explode on it with your own.

great team, just a few minor changes to make in my personal opinion.

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Thank GTFTW :)
i prefer the offensive ambipom too :D