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Rate my Mono-Electric team, please!

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This is a double battle team.

Ampharos (1st lead) @Expert Belt
Ability Plus
Sassy nature
Signal Beam
Power Gem
Focus Blast

LiteninRod (2nd lead) @Wise Glasses
Ability Minus
Modest nature
Rain Dance
HP Water

Hotness Physical Sweeper @Leftovers
Ability Rivalry
Adamant nature
Wild Charge
Take Down
Ice Fang
Attract (This explains that picture and the nickname.)

Zebstrika Physical Sweeper @Leftovers
Jolly nature
Ability Sap Sipper
Wild Charge
Double Edge
Flame Charge

Eelektross Mixed Attacker @Life Orb, I guess?
Docile nature
Ability (Obvious)
Brick Break
HP Water

3 Threat @Light Clay Special Tank/Dual Screener
Light Screen
HP Ice
Please Rate all my pokemon or none at all. Thanks.

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whoops, I broke off Luxray's tail.
no it didn't break luxray's tail off you just have to scroll.
what does mono mean? like mono electric or mono ghost.also how did you get those pictures on there?
do you wanna battle me?
FYI mono means that like every one of your pokemon is......fill in the blank......type/tier/etc.

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This is pretty good, but i have a few suggestions (i will rate team members individually).

1- Give someone the air balloon it is good for switching in and avoiding super effective spikes and earthquake.

2 Use rotom for coverage as all of it's forms are part electric and they all have levitate meaning it's like they aren't even electric.

Now team ratings
Ampharos: Good, lots of coverage, but if it's a lead use taunt to stop spikes because your team has weakness to them. Consider switching out thunderbolt for volt switch(i know it sounds dumb but i think your team needs to have more technicality and this could bring out air balloon manetric)

Manectric: He is fin, but he should have the air balloon so he can switch in on an earthquake for Ampharos.

Luxray: Take out Take down for Crunch.

Zebstrika: This thing is okay but should not be in your team unless you want to waste a party slot. If you love sap sipper than use leaf storm rotom. if you don't care for sap sipper run wash rotom
like this

here are 3 GOOD substitutes for zebstrika
rotom: the only electric type that's immune to ground attacks and STAB supereffective hit them
electrivire: OMG how could you forget this guy/gal? one of the best electric types.
galvantula: can use agility electro web and electro ball to OHKO most people and ground is only neutral to him/her

Rotom wash @ choice scarf nature quiet role:coverage/revenge killer

 Trick:to lock opponents into 1 move
 Thunder:for rain
 Hydro pump:STAB use in rain
 HP ice:for grass or ground types

use this for killing ground types in rain once you've trapped them into a ground attack with your choice scarf. but if you want it to set up rain switch out hp ice for rain dance.

Rotom frost @ choice scarf nature quiet role:coverage/revenge killer

 Trick:to lock opponents into 1 move
 thunderbolt: safer than thunder 
 blizzard:STAB use in hail
 hail:for blizzard

this moveset focuses more on killing ground types with ice instead of water.

electrivire @ leftovers(if you use wild charge)or electric gem (if you don't pick wild charge) nature:adamant role: physical sweeper
thunder punch/volt switch/wild charge: STAB
brick break: break screens
earthquake: COVERAGE
screech: lower defense (you can use this then volt switch for elecktross)
pretty straight forward but consider screech and volt switch with the electric gem it's a pretty nice combo.

galvantula @ magnet nature: timid role: uhh i guess a sweeper i don't really know ability:unerve
electro ball: STAB with insanely high speed
agility: for electro ball
bug buzz: STAB
light screen: should keep you alive until your have max speed.

galvantula @ magnet nature: modest role:a special sweeper ability:if your not running rain compound eyes
thunder: STAB good accuracy with compoundeyes
energy ball: to kill rock types
bug buzz: STAB
(last move has to many good choices so your pick)
self explanatory

Elektross: Get rid of hp water for coil it'll help you sweep.(coil is learned in as elektrik)

Mangnezone: Try quiet nature gyro ball and see if you like it if not all's good.


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Magnezone isn't necessarily a good idea because gyro ball is physical. Eelektross unfortunately cannot learn coil as an Eelektross, as far as I know. Your'e right Zebstrika is worthless. I'll go with Jolteon instead, look at my question for my UU team, I'll use this set. I thought I was being smart giving recoil moves to Lux  so It could heal with lefties. But I'll take your word for it. This is a double battle team, I'm not going to switch in for Ampharos, most likely. I like the taunt idea, but since this is a double team, I'll give it to manectric instead by deleting flamethrower (It's going to be weakened in the rain, i guess I don't really need it.
jolteon is okay but i've got better ideas that i'll add
Can Galvantula actually learn Barrier?
wow galvantula doesn't