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Drogonite @ leftovers
Timid (-atk / +spd)
Trait: Inner Focus
-Dragon Pulse
A bulky special brawler with great coverage

Ferrothorn @ rocky helmet
Quirky (NA)
Trait: Iron Barbs
-Power Whip
-Gyro Ball
Great wall that eats away physical sweepers. Still between keeping ingrain or going for leech seed...

Scizor @ iron plate
Naughty (-SDef / +Atk)
Trait: Technician
-Aerial Ace
-Bullet Punch
-Sword Dance
My basic dance sweeper. A shame I couldn't get him adamant, but he shouldn't really be taking any hits anyway.

Gengar @ focus sash
Hasty (-Def / +Spd)
Trait: Levitate
-Sludge Bomb
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball
Basic special sweeper. Keep him fast and keep him alive with focus sash. Good coverage.

Machamp @ scope lens
Naughty (-SDef /+Atk)
Trait: No Guard
-Cross Chop
-Dynamic Punch
-Stone Edge
He never misses and he has boosted critical chance. Nuff said.

Golurk @ quick claw
Adamant (-SAtk / +Atk)
Trait: Iron Fist
-Shadow Punch
-Hammer Arm
Was iffy about keeping this guy, but his raw power and good coverage saved me many times.

As you can tell, I'm a straight brawler with my team now. Feedback and advice is appreciated.

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You need to add EVs or Roles.
I  would  give Machamp  IcePunch  instead of Dynamicpunch
Ice Punch instead of Cross Chop, definately not D-Punch.
I can't teach ice punch until Black2 comes out...I want to know what I'm lacking as far as overall team weaknesses

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