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Scizor- (Speedy revenge killer)

Bullet Punch- Technician + Stab + Priority= DESTRUCTION

Swords Dance- To raise attack to prepare for sweep

U-Turn- To scout

Brick Break- Take out light screen/reflect and good coverage

I use him as a scout, usually U-Turn out then go into lickilicky to take
A fire move.

Lickilicky-( Stalling Tank)

Toxic- To troll

Protect- To troll

Power Whip- To troll

Earthquake- To troll

I usually toxic, protect then depending on the Pokemon I power whip or

Dragonite-(Physical attacker)

Dragon Dance- Set up for sweep

Outrage- Really good move+ Stab

Fly- Stab, coverage


I usually DD twice then outrage. He's mostly to take out opponents that have high defense
Stats. (need help with 4th move)

Staraptor-(Another Physical attacker)

Fly- Stab

Close Combat- Amazing move, takes out normal types

Brave Bird- Stab, recoil doesn't matter

U-Turn- Scout, take out dark + physcic types

Mostly to scout out what move they will do and to cause alot
Of physical damage.

Pikachu-(Special attacker)

Volt Switch- To scout+Stab

Thunderbolt-Stab,good move

Dig-take out fire and electric

Thunder (Will change)

Used to take out water types and flying. Also my special attacker. (cant find thunderstone in white.

Charizard-( Mixed attacker)

Flamethrower- Stab, good move

Dragon Dance- Increase attack and speed for sweeping

Wing Attack- Stab, good overall move

Thunder Fang- Take out water and flying types

Thanks for helping please rate 1-10 and your suggestions are welcome :) thank you :)

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EVs would be helpful.
He has roles. But add your natures.
And Abilities.
By the way, there is a guy that gives you a Thunderstone in the Department Store on Route 9.
dragonite could have either fire or thunder punch (i would have t. punch, because alot of water types have an ice type move) and dragonite + dragon dance is KILL ... and in competitive battling fly might not be a good idea.
I love dragonite and i would suggest:

Dragonite @ Dragon Fang
Ability: Multiscale
Nature: Adamant
Evs: 252 Atk, 128 HP, 128 Def (I use this one)  OR 252 Atk,  252 Spd

- Outrage (can be replaced by dragon claw if you don't want to stay locked on outrage)

- Roost (you need this for healing and reactivating multiscale, also leftovers could be a good item, because of dragonites bulk.)

- Thunderpunch (for coverage against the many water types that have an ice type move.)

- Dragon dance (awesome!!!)

i would say you have a pretty good team, i would give it a 8.3. Your dragonite would get a 5.7 because of fly and lack of roost and t. or f. punch

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I do not rate teams so often but I need points so here I go. You will have to add natures so I will suggest natures for you.

Scizor: I suggest Jolly nature. No changes needed, but if you want to, you can change Brick Break for Superpower

Lickilicky: No changes needed. I suggest Careful nature

Dragonite: You need to change Fly. It gives your opponent a free turn to either switch or use some kind of stat-raising move. I suggest Aerial Ace. And this guy is much better in a rain team so I would replace it with this:
Item: Life orb/Choice Scarf/Choice Band
Role: Mixed attacker
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Naugthy/Rash
- Outrage
- Fire Blast/Flamethrower
- Dragon Dance/Earthquake
- Hidden Power [Flying]

Staraptor: Again, you need to change Fly. I suggest Aerial Ace. And my suggested nature is Adamant/Jolly

Pikachu: Dig is the same as Fly. I suggest changing it to Hidden Power [ice]to cover Ground weakness. And I would change Thunder for Nasty Plot for some boosting. And I suggest Modest nature

Charizard: I suggest Air Slash over Wing Attack and my suggested nature is Hasty.

Hope I helped and i give your team 6½ due to all Flyes and Digs

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