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Dragonite Razor claw role: special sweeper
Trait:Inner Focus
Quiet nature
252 sp atk
252 sp def (since most elec/ice moves are sp atk.)

Haxorus Quick claw role: phys sweeper
Trait:Mold Breaker
Naughty nature
-Swords dance
-Dragon claw
252 atk
252 spd (hes a speed sweeper after all)

Absol Razor fang role: extra sweeper
Trait:Super Luck
Gentle nature
-Fire blast
252 spd
252 sp atk

Volcarona Shell bell : shuffler
Trait:Flame Body
Bold nature
-Silver wind
-Heat wave
-Fire Blast
252 sp atk
252 def

Zekrom Rocky helmet role: tank
Trait: Terravolt
Careful nature
-Dragon claw
-Fusion bolt (Will be replaced by bolt strike.)
-Stone edge
252 hp

Darkrai leftovers role: annoyer
Trait:Bad Dreams
Serious Nature
-Dark void
-Shadow ball
252 def
252 sp atk

(Also, do you think Metagross or Kyurem would do better if they were in this set?)

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You need EVs or Roles. Also is this In-Game because In-Game teams are not allowed. But if it's Wi-Fi than it's ok. And what is the point of giving Soul Dew to Darkrai?
about soul dew, just looked it up, first time i read it the description didnt say for latias and latios only.
will change.

Also, what are evs and roles?
ive seen them on other descriptions of teams but  didnt know what they were
To learn about EVs read here: http://pokemondb.net/ev
To learn about roles read here: http://www.legendarypokemon.net/teambuild
thx will add now

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