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Reuniclus HP:366
Item:Mind Plate Attack:198
Serious nature Defense:191
Ability:Overcoat Sp.Atk:294
Moves: Sp.Def:191
Trick Room Speed:100
Shadow Ball
Calm mind
Loves to eat

Garchomp HP:335
Item:Bright Powder Atk:353
Jolly Nature Def:201
Ability: Sand Veil Sp.Atk:163
Moves: Sp.def:175
Sword Dance Speed:315
Double Team
Pround of its power

Landorus HP:320
Item:Soft Sand Atk:314
Adamant Nature Def:216
Ability:Sheer Force Sp.Atk:296
Moves: Sp.Def:196
Earthquake Speed:301
Stone Edge
Likes to thrash about

Gengar HP:257
Item: Zoom Lens Atk:140
Impish Nature Def:162
Ability: Levitate Sp.Atk:241
Moves: Sp.Def:184
Hypnosis Speed:256
Dream Eater
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball
Somewhat stubborn

Scizor HP:273
Item: Metal Coat Atk:365
Adamant Nature Def:294
Ability: Technician Sp.Atk:117
Moves: Sp.Def:175
Bullet Punch Speed:161
Bug Bite
Swords Dance
Brick Break
Capable of taking hits

Gatsrodon HP:352
Item: DeepSeaScale Atk:192
Relaxed Nature Def:177
Ability: Storm Drain Sp.Atk:205
Moves: Sp.Def:192
Earthquake Speed:102
Ice Beam
Muddy Water
Impetous and silly

They have all been fortified with vitamins as soon as they hatched but i haven't counted the EV's that they have gained(whoops).All the above pokemon are level 100.Please answer with suggestions for my team if you think there is a better pokemon that should be in the team mention it and i will think anout it.
Thanks :)

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You have need EVs. Mind if I answer this? I see a lot that could be fixed
No fire away Swaggron:)
What do you mean illegal EV's Spreads
OK, ill be asnwering this. I thought those stats were EVs, srry for the confusion
I have EV trained them all
Garchomp makes the team Uber.

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Reunliclus - No pokemon bar Arceus should be holding an elemental plate, because in most (good) sets only one move will benifit from it. If his ability is Magic Gaurd (Which I recommend over his other abilities) then he should be holding a Life Orb, if his ability is Overcoat, then he sould hold leftovers. Trick Room doesnt help here, as reuniclus is one of the only ones on the team that will benefit form it, and if you need to make a quick switch, or get KO'd while it is in effect, the pokemon switching in will most likely be going last for a turn or two. I suggest you replace Trick Room with Recover, as it will let you survive much longer.

I suggest you replace garchomp with this, as it will resist and kill ice types which threaten landorus, and it will counter the dark types that threaten Reuniclus and Gengar:

Lucario -
EVs: 252 atk, 252 spatk, 4 HP
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Steadfast
Item: Life Orb
Vacuum Wave
Bullet Punch
Close Combat

Vacuum Wave is STAB and priority, while Extremespeed is more priority. Bullet Punch is STAB and more priority. Close Combat is STAB and packs a punch. Since 3/4 moves on this set have priority, there is no need for speed EVs. Credit to Josh for this set.

Landorus - Soft Sand is a no-no, as it only boostearthquake, and thats just not good enough. I would strongly suggest having him hold the Choice Scarf, turning landorus into a deadly revenge killer. Keep Earthquake, Stone Edge, and U-turn, but get rid of Fly, as it is a Horrible move to be used competitively, because the opponent can safely switch to something that resists/counters the Fly user. Instaed of Fly, You sould have Hidden Power Ice if possible, and if not, go with Outrage.

Gengar - Zoom Lens on a gengar? Really? Gengar is one speedy ghost, so you will be moving first against most unboosted/non-scarfed opponents. Also, Hypnosis + Dream Eater is a really bad combo, becasue Dream Eater only works against enemies that are asleep, and hypnosis has horrfying accuracy. I use this set and it works really well.

Gengar - Black Sludge
EVs: 252 spatk, 252 spd, 4 HP
Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast
Destiny Bond

Shadow Ball is STAB, and Focus Blast is good coverage. Taunt stops foe's from setting up, and it stops most walls/stallers/clerics in their tracks. When you are certain you will be KO'd on the next move, and you can't KO the enemy first, you go down fighting with Destiny Bond. NOTE: This set is more of a suicide assassin, as you will likely be KO'd after taunting, which gives you a great oppurtunity to use Destiny Bond.

Scizor - Metal Coat is a bad item, in fact, any item that raises the power of moves of a certain type is a bad item and should not be used. Your Scizor is OK after the item is removed, but I am going to suggest a similar, but slightly better set.

Scizor - Life Orb
EVs: 252 HP, 252 atk, 4 def
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Technician
Swords Dance
Bullet Punch
Bug Bite

Swords Dance Turns him intoan offensive monster, and Bullet Punch is main STAB and priority, and hits really hard with that technician boost. Bug Bite is secondary STAB, and hits even harder then bullet punch with technician boost, but lacks priority. Roost heals off Life Orb damage, letting him survive longer, but if you want your scizor to be more of a siucide sweeper, go with the hard hitting Superpower. NOTE: I use Roost over Superpower, and it works really well, but that is just persnal preference.

Gastrodon - The DeepSeaScale literally does nothing on any pokemon except for clamperl, so I dont eve know why you have Gastro holding it, You'll want leftovers instead. Drop Muddy Water, as itis unreliable, and highly outclassed by Scald, which should be its replacement, and replace Earthquake for Stockpile. Do that and you will have yourself one heck of a troll pokemon, one that is capable of deomlishing teams after Stockpile is up.

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Swaggron i cant teach Gastrdon Stockpile because its an egg move and i dont want egg moves and scizor cant learn superpower in Black&White. What would you give gastrodon as an item then?
Well, you should put Egg Moves. Or else your team would be bad :3